“It's so promising when the values you build are seen by the connoisseurs in the field. The Badge of Top B2B Company in the Middle East awarded by Clutch is sure a peacock feather in the cap of Zigma8.”

Appreciated - Synergy Global - Event Management
Appreciated - Sepehr Monavar - Brand Identity Design
Featured - M&M Global - Creative Agency
Winner - Global Customer Engagement Awards - Events and Promotion

World-class creative works get noticed

Mohammad Ali Borhani

General Manager

“Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications was selected as the best advertising and branding agency amongst other competitors due to the competition our marketing and branding department had designed in the field of creative package design. We congratulate them for the game-changer package design and we are content to have worked with them.”

Ahmadreza Alavi

General Manager
KACC (Kaveh Aluminium Can Company)

“We are highly proud to thank you and all your team members for your creative efforts. It was the ultimate professional collaboration for us. Zigma8 worked 24/7, using the latest technology to help launch our 2nd production line in a short notice with world-class quality, best timing, execution, and management. We eagerly hope to have more collaboration with you in future projects.”

David Anderson

Group CEO
KACC (Kaveh Aluminium Can Company)

“The opening ceremony was absolutely a fitting tribute to all of us over so many years who put so much effort to make it happen. My congratulations to Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications to have done such a perfect job operating this event. I think it was a very special event reflecting a very special business.”

Morteza Mollanejad

General Manager
MAPNA (Railway Construction & Development Company)

“The dynamic mystery and secret of art have always endowed spirit and soul to the most complicated, sophisticated, and toughest concepts in order to make them absorbing and appealing. MAPNA Railway Construction & Development Company has had the privilege to have its records and abilities perfectly pictured by your creative team enabling these concepts to be perceived not only with thoughts but also with hearts of its audience to suitably introduce the name and the strategies of this organization in railway transportation development of our country. I highly appreciate your effort and collaboration of your team at Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications for creating an identity system introducing our services and reputations. I deeply wish you more success for the days to come.”

Allan Pease

Body Language Expert, Author

“It was a creative and novel event. I personally did not expect to see such an out-of-the-box perspective and surprising marketing activity in the Middle East and Iran. I wish Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications more success in their career.”

Garrett Johnston


“It was a great experience visiting Dr. Mir Damoon Mir and his creative and active team at the event we had in Tehran, Iran. It was absolutely an eye-appealing and memorable event executed by Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications, and I hope to visit them again in a new project.”

Riyadh Certain

Vice President – Near East
JTI (Japan Tobacco International)

“It was a very good and fantastic event tonight. It was really well-done and well-organized. I think it was a great start for Camel Black & White to do well in Iran. And I thank Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications for their perfect performance.”

Marcus George

Correspondent - Iran & Gulf Region

“Damoon [CCO of Zigma8] offers a wide variety of skills in strategic branding to clients and continually strives for success. The results he achieved for brands like Mario-Valentino Boulevard, Dubai Pearl, Salya Homes in Dubai, he has shown he is always willing to go the extra mile to accomplish his goals.”

Paul N. Stothert

Commercial Director, Partner

“Dear Damoon, [CCO of Zigma8] we have never been able to get the same quality of work and attention to brand image, quality and detail since you left Dubai.”

T. Jeff Tall

Managing Director

“As a Creative Director, Damoon [of Zigma8] consistently outperformed our clients expectations. In addition to his passion for artistic expression, his focus is always on improving the client’s brand positioning and increasing sales. He also excels at coordinating colleagues and suppliers to make sure the deliverables match world-class standards, down to the last detail.”

Arthur Pandolas

Commercial Manager
MURRAY & ROBERTS (JV with Habtoor Leighton Group)

“Damoon [CCO of Zigma8] did an excellent job and was an asset to the organization. Thanks to his creativity, knowledge and experience that made us exceed expectations. Thank you for your contribution regarding our brand development in UAE.”

Stefan David Michlig

Head of Risk Management

“Damoon’s [CCO of Zigma8] recommendations are actionable, useful, and insightful, and the people seem real and truthful in his team. He doesn't just tell you what you want to hear.”

Henrik Adler-Nielsen

CEO, Partner

“I want to thank Zigma8 for their very good work on the design and development of our new brand identity and packaging. We are very pleased that they have come up with a strategic brand design which successfully conveys the positive attributes and reliable image of European home appliances company.”

Luigi Piero

CEO, Founder

“Zigma8 are an amazing agency to work with they go way and beyond the expectations and deliver on their promises standards. They understand strategic brand management and guide you through the re-brand process with deep knowledge and patience, which is needed during any kind of corporate change. Each team member within Zigma8 has been briefed on the client’s needs and requirements, which means you always have a contact point, whatever the emergency.”