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Energy drinks marketing campaign in Iran

Estar energy drink: Refreshing an international brand


The global energy drinks market

In 1987, an Austrian energy drinks manufacturer established an iconic brand and an entirely new market category in the process. This brand, Red Bull, continues to dominate the energy drinks market to this day. In 2020 the global energy drinks market was valued at $53b, and no surprises, Red Bull remain the dominant player. Analysts expect this market to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 7.20%, reaching $86.01b by 2026. In emerging markets such as India (up 37%), Brazil (up 30%), and Africa (up 25%), sales are surging. Concerning the emerging market of Iran, sanctions and purchasing power have frustrated growth for energy drinks manufacturers in recent years.

Marketing campaign for Estar in the Iranian market

For German energy drinks manufacturer Trend Food International, a common Iranian market predicament posed a potential opportunity. This Düsseldorf based company produce the energy drinks brand called Estar. The company sought to bring production capabilities to Iran and benefit from the dwindling presence of big-name energy drinks brands.

Advertising to the Iranian taste

Trend Food International has been present in markets where Estar’s customers are clearly defined. However, in the Iranian market, energy drinks are consumed by a different customer segmentation. This situation is due to the price point Estar would need to come in at due to the purchasing power of Iranians. We at Zigma8 were quick to highlight this difference for which would bring an additional marketing challenge. A challenge beyond simply launching a new brand.

Brand positioning for a premium audience

Energy drinks are a relative luxury in the soft drinks category, with prices potentially exceeding twice the category average. Due to this situation, customers are those with a higher purchasing ability. With this, we knew that the international branding for Estar would need to be more premium to reflect the Iranian audience.


Our go-to-market strategy for Iran

We worked with the Estar brand team to develop a go-to-market strategy that would cater to local tastes. To achieve this, we strategically refreshed the way the packaging looked to better compete in Iran’s market. By presenting a more premium look and feel, we would better appeal to the more premium audience.

Designing visual identity for the Iran market

Our design team created a highly vibrant look based on contrasting lined artwork. This updated brand style was applied to each Estar product, with only slight variations to complement the differing flavours. Finally, to remain consistent for customers familiar with Estar outside of the country, we kept the essential brand elements seen internationally.
To introduce these newly styled products, we chose to create a series of high-energy videos to be distributed online. These videos strategically played to the audience preference for foreign products. Doing this would further elevate the premium perception we looked to create within the audience.


Unfortunately, we are yet to implement the Estar brand launch in Iran. Trend Food International was unable to import Estar due to the familiar scenario of sanctions on imported goods.
Although the Iran launch is yet to happen, the brand team at Estar have benefitted from an alternative view on the brand.