We’re made up of passionate teams of experts makers and doers. Each team and each individual performs their task to a tee — which is the Zigma8 way. Each Zigma8er contributes nothing but the best, be it in the work that we do together, the lives that we live together or the play that we have together. We do all this and more, to a tee.

Inspiration Officer


“Woof, woof… woof, woof, woof!” - Lady, Inspirational Barker


Dr. Mir Damoon Mir

If ever DaVinci had a nemesis…

Managing Partner

Madee Kharati

Because one continent is not enough.

financial Officer

Kamran Mirzajani

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but if it did, say hello to our gardener.

Senior copywriter

Prof. Hamed Abdi

Has Ogilvy ogling.

Chief Technology Officer

Vahid Ghotbizadeh

“Va-heed”; 1. To solve. eg. “Call for Vahid, he’ll solve it”.

Account manager

Vahid Bahmani

When you can’t be Steve Jobs, be Vahid.

director of photography

Amirkhosro Shahverdi

Dream works!

Media Strategist

Kasra Karimi

Former advisor to the Oracle.

Chief technical Officer

Arash Keifi

And on the 8th day, Arash begun.

Design supervisor

Iliya Sabzalian

The striker, mid-fielder, defender and goalkeeper of graphics.

legal international

Hossein Taj

Lawfully handsome.

Video Supervisor

Mojtaba Barati

The ‘All Seeing Eye’s' contact lens.


Mahboobeh Madah

So good she got paid for this selfie.


Mehdi Javan

Zigma8’s diamond: tough and precious.


Behnood Yakhchali

Austria’s inspiration.

Finance Manager

Omid Asadi

Money, money, money… in Omid’s world.


Arezoo Zamanian

Can even make silence sound sublime.


Arin Keshishzadeh

The modern-day Michelangelo.


Omid Mahdavi

Lights, camera… Omid.

2D Artist

Nazli Maleki

Draws with a magic wand.

visual design

Mahyar Safaeezadeh

2D has never been so 3D.

Media Planner

Shabnam Alaee

The fixer’s fixer.

Video Expert

Hadi Moghadas

2D, 3D, HaD.


Sanaz Ghahramani

Without which we add up to nothing.


Ghazale Gharibi

Adobe’s creative sweetheart.


Roya Norouzi

Says what Nietzsche said, but in a word.

3d modeler & animator

Maryam Saftari

The other person to have made life from earth.

Motion Graphist

Nona Yeganegi

The 5th dimension’s best 4th-dimensional creator.

Technical Coordinator

Amir Badami

Jack of all trades, master of the tech-related ones

The descriptions above were created by David Yaghoobi, an honorary Zigma8er. We chose him to give us an objective view on how we are.


We aim to be better, in a better market. By doing this we all grow. To get there, we don’t necessarily need to work with the best, but rather know how to best work, in the best team. If you are looking for career growth, and think you have what it takes to be part of our growing team, write to us and tell us why: better@zigma8.com