Event management and advertising in Iran for
KACC’s new production facilities



The Iranian New Year, or Norouz, is a time when the nation pretty much shuts down and celebrates. We at Zigma8 however, were excited to spend this time helping celebrate the introduction of something else that was to be new. Instead of closing up shop for the customary two weeks, we happily spent our New Year collaborating with Kaveh Aluminium Can Company (KACC) to help launch their new soft-drinks can-making factory. KACC is one of the largest companies of its type in Iran and had, before the event, received international investment amounting to $50m.

Event management
and event design in Iran, but with a difference

Working during a national holiday would come with obvious challenges, such as the lack of availability of suppliers, but that didn’t deter us. Unlike other Iranian suppliers, we at Zigma8 used this time to focus on the challenge of unveiling KACC’s new production line.

We would aim to help introduce our client’s new factory capacity before the Norouz period concluded irrespective of the limited availability of other suppliers. So how exactly were we able to succeed in getting our production in place to help show off this new place of production?



To address and impress the 300 guests—many of which represented high-up positions in the nation—we put together a strategy that would build on the enormity of the new production facility. We knew that by going big, we’d be creating a big impression. To cement the vision of going big, we devised a creative platform called ‘Big Production’. This platform would apply to every last detail in the event production.

Brand identity design
in Iran

Our event began with guests being chauffeured to the venue while passing life-size infographics that boasted impressive facts about the success of KACC. The initial journey brought them to a grand amphitheatre, where they’d sit before a large choir, proudly dressed in a KACC uniform. This initial scene would provide a sense of harmony before the big symphony. As the choir’s voices filled the factory, we brought an oversized drink can, centre stage, and used 3D mapping to project a unique light-show experience.

World-class event design in Iran

A subsequent grand tour would have our guests meandering through a can-made, music-filled maze decorated with large animations that would describe the production process of KACC. Following the presentations put on by the KACC management, we concluded by having our guests make a big personal pledge for a small gift. They achieved this by signing and saying, “I think green too”. In doing this, our guests would be helping with KACC’s big recycling responsibility while also satisfying their sense of wanting to take away a souvenir from the big occasion.

8 big numbers from our 1-big event:

  1. 28 days from briefing to delivery — during the Norouz holidays
  2. 120 hours non-stop, on-site work by Zigma8 during set-up and event day
  3. 150km walked by each of Zigma8’s team during set-up and event day
  4. 42km walked by each of Zigma8’s team during the event day
  5. 88 personnel were used for the event
  6. 1200 seconds of video created for the event
  7. 2000 palettes used as part of our decoration
  8. 40,000 cans were used for event decoration and later recycled



We at Zigma8 once again proved that they have what it takes to successfully pull off a big event, even with the many big challenges. However, don’t take our word for it! Both Mr Ahmad-Reza Alavi, the business manager, and Mr Dave Anderson, the business owner, agreed that they’d happily call on us again, saying that we have “a powerful team, with 24-hour support, working to the best quality in a limited time”.

Successful event management in Iran

So, it was with great pride that we were able to prove that like our client, “yes, we can!”. In fact, with the help of this event, KACC were able to meet their B2B goals, proudly informing us that, “yes, they can!” bring back previous customers, and just as importantly, “yes, they can!” bring in new customers. By achieving these results KACC increased their market share to 67% in Iran while claiming 100% of the export market to Iran’s neighbours.