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Brand identity creation and packaging design for an Iranian pharmaceutical company

How to create a brand identity built on brand architecture in Iran

Drug Categories:


Packaging design is all about the art of customer conversion. Pharmaceutical packaging, however, is as much of a science as an art. Such packaging is subject to many regulatory challenges, as well as complex industry semantics.
Customers of pharmaceutical products interact with its packaging differently from that of off-the-shelf products because they are over-the-counter. This difference of interaction involves customers having to also interact with pharmacists. When creating packaging designs in Iran or anywhere, these interaction differences need to be understood and solved.

Pharmaceutical packaging design in Iran

Our challenge, therefore, was to increase the likelihood of selection by creating a compelling brand identity with accompanying visual and verbal brand elements. Firstly, this new Iranian brand identity and brand architecture should conform to industry regulations. Secondly, it should beautifully adhere to the science, as well as the art of packaging design.

Drug Categories:

Classification of Drugs based on Originals:

1- Supplement

2- Herbal

3- Chemical

Uniform designs for Drugs:

Dedicated Color +  Graphic Form


The Iranian pharmaceutical company, Medeen, have over twenty products. These products span across regular pharmaceutical, synthetic, herbal and complementary medicines. Knowing this, we suggested organizing brands into a brand architecture structure known as Endorsed Individual Brands. We did this by unifying the multiple sub-brands of Medeen — using a consistent visual brand identity while uniformly using the Medeen Pharma logo. The results would create a strong brand-presence — helping improve recognition while allowing brand equity to transfer from the more well-known products.

Uniform designs for
Supplement Drugs:

Uniform designs for
Chemical Drugs:

Uniform designs for
Chemical Drugs:

Building brand architecture for an Iranian pharmaceutical marketing campaign

We developed a core brand-language and applied it to the tailor-made fonts, brand patterns and specialized print finishes. We created three distinct visual languages using pattern and color variations to help with category selection.


For Medeen, we not only provided the requested packaging design but provided a deep, more longer-lasting solution based on tried and tested branding methods. We implemented a brand identity and brand architecture method that will contribute to long-term sales.

Building a successful brand architecture as a part of marketing plan in Iran

Our complete brand overhaul helped provide Medeen with a clear, consistent and coherent brand identity. This packaging solution used both the art and the science of our trade. With this fresh new look and feel, the brand appeals to its customer’s logical and emotional needs during a sensitive decision-making moment.

Pet Designs: