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A podcast is a series of digitally programmed and formatted episodes focusing on specific topics.

Podcasts: The New Content Marketing in Iran

In the past couple of years, podcasts have become an inseparable part of people’s daily life. Many celebrities and influencers have started their podcasts talking about various topics, and many people are listening to them. Content creation in Iran is no longer limited to blogs. Therefore, podcasts are a significant opportunity for brands to consider podcasts in their online marketing strategy. Audio materials will help brands stay connected with their audience and go for top content marketing in Iran.
In this post, Zigma8 goes through an in-depth understanding of podcasts and how they will benefit your business.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a series of digitally programmed and formatted episodes focusing on specific topics. You can consider them as digital radios. Podcasts are mostly free and available on a variety of platforms. There is only a device to listen to them, and an internet connection is needed.
Podcasting was started in 2014 by a software developer named Dave Winer and an MTV Video Jockey named Adam Curry. The term podcast was given to these types of content by Ben Hammersley, a British technologist, and the concept became popular afterward. The journey’s beginning goes back to 2004, and in 2013 it caught people’s attention when Apple Inc. announced that they had 1 billion podcast subscribers.
As of January 2020, more than 900000 podcasts were streaming, and millions worldwide listened to them at least once a month. Since then, and with everything with the pandemic, podcasts’ popularity has grown tremendously.

How Do Podcasts Work?

Podcasting is an accessible medium for listeners and creators. Unlike traditional radio stations and television networks which are subject to regulation and require an exact time and place, several podcasting platforms allow people to publish and listen freely anytime and anywhere. Podcasts are hosted on various streaming applications. We are going to introduce the most popular podcast platform out there.

Podcast Listening Platforms

Podcast listeners can tune into their favorite podcasts almost on any device and on various platforms. Mobile devices are the easiest way to listen, but computers and cars can be used for listening. Here are a few popular podcast-listening apps:

Castbox features over 95 million volumes of audio content people can listen to with almost any device. It allows people to go live using LiveCast to connect with listeners in real-time and grow their following.

You can listen to podcasts using Spotify, which is an interesting choice as it allows you to have your music and pods in one place. It is an excellent option for personalized recommendations and easy access to popular shows.

Google Podcasts:
Google podcasts offer an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, skipping ahead 30 seconds, a sleep timer, and listening to the history section.

Apple Podcasts:
Apple Podcasts are perfect for a no-frills podcast experience. The app comes pre-download with the iPhone and gives a smooth experience.

Why Is Podcasting Great for the Growth of a Business?

Podcasts have been around for a while now, and their popularity is growing every day. Throughout the past couple of years, they have become an effective means of communication for businesses.
Podcasts are a great way to engage with customers and reach new ones. It allows businesses to get feedback from listeners by asking them questions and getting their opinions. It is a great marketing strategy for any company to be used for lead generation, customer acquisition, and brand awareness. The benefits of podcasting for a business are endless; below are the main ways podcasting can help you grow your business.

1. Lead Generating

Podcasts are a great way to get the essential message of a brand out there. It can be used to introduce a company and what it offers. One of the best benefits of using podcasts is attracting potential customers. Focus on likable guests with interesting or valuable stories and invite them to your pod.

2. Build Trust

Podcasts are a great way to build customer trust, allowing you to share your expertise and knowledge. Pods can help you collect feedback from the audience and show you care about them. It is an excellent way for customers to get more comfortable with the brand and feel closer to every episode.

3. Create Community

Podcast listeners might start with low numbers, but the perfect thing is these numbers will grow immediately if you try to build your fans and give them a sense of community from the first step. You can become people’s favorite show, and they will be more likely to interact with the brand, buy services or products, and trust you more profoundly.

How do Podcasts Affect Content Marketing in Iran?

Marketers may use podcasts in content marketing in Iran to convert their values to a receptive audience. The on-demand nature of podcasting allows brands and companies to share their stories, establish industry expertise, and develop brand evangelism.

Benefits of Podcasts in Content Marketing in Iran

  • Podcasts engage listeners, which can be quickly repurposed into textual or video content. They can be integrated into your content strategy in Iran and work towards a standard set of shared objectives.
  • Podcasts have low entry points and are low-life. They can be done with a set of microphones at a decent pace without expensive equipment. The process of production and distribution is easy and budget-friendly.
  • Podcasts are easy to consume as people can listen to them anywhere, anytime, even while doing something else. They offer listeners an on-the-go and flexible experience, which means people will engage with them more quickly and often.
  • Podcasts help brands create loyalty and relationships. Since podcasts are easily accessible to everyone online and sometimes do not require constant concentration, people will return for more. The repetitive structure and potential to add personality to the podcast help brands engage and connect with listeners.

Types of Podcasts

● Conversational podcasts
● Interview podcasts
● Monologue podcasts
● Storytelling podcasts
● Theatrical podcasts
● Roundtable podcasts
● Hybrid podcasts
● Repurpose podcasts

How to Get Started with Podcasting?

  1. Plan and Prepare
  2. Choose a Format
  3. Make the Content Layout
  4. Preparing Equipment
  5. Editing and Production
  6. Publish and Promote

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