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Developing a Strong Marketing Strategy in Iran for a Print and Production Association

Marketing is considered a dynamic and ever-changing field. The top marketing strategies change with the consumer and technology trends of the day. This is why every company needs a good marketing strategy that is well planned and has defined the milestones and objectives thoroughly. With the right map, it is highly possible to reach the goals set for the business.

While most businesses want to start launching their marketing efforts the minute they decide to start, it is essential to invest in planning everything, so the limited budget and energies do not waste on wrong things. Without it, a brand may need to rethink and rebrand midway.

Rebranding is a natural part of every company’s evolution. Priorities, tastes, outlooks, and beliefs all change as a business grows, and these changes need to be reflected in the brand. This happens when target audiences are shifting, the company wants to evolve beyond its current presence, or the services/products are changing. It is necessary to consider rebranding as a great opportunity to refresh the image, strengthen the market position and boost reach.

This is the case with the IPPIEA rebranding project in Iran. The Iran Printers Industry Exporters Union (IPIEU), which was familiar with Zigma8 CCO, Mir Damoon Mir, due to previous collaborations, contacted us to help them with their current status and operations. Apparently, Zigma8, the leading branding and advertising agency in Iran, was the ultimate answer to the challenges they were facing in their international approaches.

This post will cover the different approaches and strategies we implemented and planned for the brand to initiate a new world-class presence within our comprehensive rebranding solutions in Iran.

Rebranding in Iran as a part of an International Marketing Plan

Based on the given details by the IPIEU and the consultancy from our team, the challenges became apparent. Since the high quality of print production in Iran for the region was now figured out, we found that the weakness was their ability to design for print.

As a well-established union, the IPIEU tries to represent the industry at annual trade fairs worldwide. These attempts are made to display the print production capabilities of Iran through the eyes of international audiences. With a rich history in this industry, the IPIEU reached a great size along with many other associates to expand the circle. Since the IPIEU prefers to represent a more selected membership, we came up with a marketing plan in Iran that the union itself needed to improve its design before looking to help others. As our CCO concluded, the challenges would be resolved with our specialized rebranding and renaming solutions. We decided to recreate a brand that suits its role better.

We decided to start the process by offering the proper name. But before we can develop a new name for the business, we get clear on the company’s identity. Therefore, we developed a brand strategy in Iran to help us. The brand strategy encompasses who a business is as an organization and how it will communicate that to the world. By that, the business can identify what makes them different and why the target audience should choose them.

There was a time when the term Union would fully define the IPIEU business, but nowadays, union mostly refers to workers. For the first step of our strategic branding renovation, we decided to level up the name and how it addresses the business. We replaced the word Union with Association and added another specific feature to the title by mentioning the word Packaging. With this in mind, we were able to describe the membership that has expanded in production capabilities through the years. As a result, the world-known association would be known as the IPPIEA or Iran Printing and Packaging Industry Exporters Association.

Implementing the Brand Redesign in Iran

Redesigning Logo, Logotype, and Brand Identity for the IPPIEA

We decided on the name acronym and developed a customized logotype to reflect these changes entirely. First, the I letter used in the name turned into lower cases to be portraying people and community as the letter “I” resembles the graphic symbol for this concept. In the end, the E and A words were also used in smaller letters to represent two unlocked locks showing problem-solving once used together like “ae.” The result expressed the printing press roles that feedback paper into one another.

This modern typeface and some subtle, meaningful twists we added led us halfway through the perfect logotype. We also used awesome graphic elements related to the printed technique known as “halftime.” The group of dots that were colored as the Iranian national flag and presented in a curved globe-like shape to express the international approaches of the IPPIEA or ”ippiea.”

Implementing the Brand Redesign Plan on Offline and Online Presence

To implement the brand identity throughout the whole organization, we used the logo style and shapes in different touchpoints, including production methods of the members, stationery design, coffee cups, stamps, certificates, letterhead, business cards, and membership cards. We completed the task by redesigning the website with the newly designed features and equipped the brand in all their channels and mediums.

The Iran Printing and Packaging Industry Exporters Association project was more than a brand redesign; our marketing strategy at Zigma8 was to create an essential industry update that would be the best way to improve the quality between design and production. Our branding solutions empowered the brand with the desired tone and look, which was way more effective in approaching the members. With all the details, new name, logo, sensation, and brand identity, IPPIEA could serve the members as it was supposed to be, perfectly and flawlessly with an international vision.

And all that is the power of a comprehensive marketing strategy in Iran. It will align your business and your team to specific goals, help you tie all efforts to future objectives, and allow you to identify and test what resonates with the target audience. Marketing strategy in Iran is more important than ever to create and maintain an influential presence. Check out our branding and marketing Projects and go through Zigma8’s Services to establish your reasons for rebranding and find the right approach to develop a marketing strategy. If you are looking for growth marking strategies proven to be the most effective for generating leads and driving business, hit us up.

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