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طراحی و اجرای یک کمپین تبلیغاتی 360 درجه در زیگما8

360 Degrees Advertising Campaign in Iran

Any time you focus on an advertising campaign for a brand or a company, promoting a product, a service or a corporate entity, what you have to aim to achieve is to make that brand or company shine out in the market, to get top of the mind recall, to make interest to sales. In other words, an advertising campaign assists you to build deep relationships between brands and customers through an interaction between inspiration and brand logic.

We at Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications operate this by having the correct mixture of advertisement methods and media to accomplish boundless results. Operative brand communication is a versatile process that contains a full variety of above-the-line (ATL), below-the-line (BTL) and online advertising services.

There are a lot of TV commercials on the air, simultaneously you will hear it on the radio, even the time you are out in the city some billboards catch your attention displaying the same message, or when you are at work you read the papers and the magazines and you can see the campaign is placed in these media as well. In the digital world, you will still recognize the same campaign on every popular platform like Instagram, Google, or the ads of the news sites. This is called a 360-degree advertising campaign that grasps your attention and it is impossible to disregard such an advertising campaign if it is implemented in the best way in Iran.

Perfect campaigns are commonly not persuasively reached by numerous advertising companies in Iran. 360-degree marketing campaigns are regularly enormously complicated which normally consist of great amounts of media, multiple channels and a lot of contractors. There are chances it gets adhesive to deal with this amount of work and yet not grasp your targeted ROI. It is our profession to assist you to plan and accomplish direct advertising campaigns to guarantee that they can be executed on time, on brief and under the planned finance. We have a professional team that makes use of only the accurate combination of print, broadcast, non-traditional and online media to generate a modified tactic for every customer.

Having a perfectly designed and developed 360 degrees advertising campaign in Iran, we initially make a plan for a cohesive multimedia campaign according to the marketing budget, focusing on the idea and the message brief to discover the greatest answer for adapting the idea if there is any and to design and develop an original one for Iran if the campaign is not part of an international integrated advertising campaign. The next phase is to measure and choose the exact suppliers according to the condition and finance.

Please be noted that Iran is a strict country and sensitive to advertising and communications from different aspects. It is significant to guarantee the campaigns are legal and safe beside they target the right audience generating tangible results.

At Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communicates we have the experience of designing and executing many successful 360 degrees advertising campaigns in Iran. If you are planning to do advertising in Iran please do not forget a 360° advertising campaign in Iran would be more efficient. To make it possible and workable for you, please reach out to our contact here or check out our services.

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