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The importance of Farsi content creation for different kinds of Persian video production in Iran

Persian -or Farsi- content creation: Farsi video production for Iran

The importance of Farsi content creation

Persian or Farsi is spoken in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Afghanistan (Dari), and Tajikistan (Tajiki). For the time being, approximately 120 million people speak Persian or Farsi as their mother language or their second language. Considering the number of Farsi speakers and the influence it has in the region, it is the most widespread language in the Middle East next to Arabic. Famous news agencies, like BBC, DW, or Euronews, have Farsi channels and they plan for Farsi content creation.

The Farsi language is one of the richest languages in history, literature, and cultural tradition. Not only Farsi has a huge impact on modern literature, but also it has its own prominent place in poetry. Khayyam, Saadi, and Hafez are only a few of the major figures of this big family. The first attestations of Farsi go back to around 500 BC. Since then, the Farsi language has been of importance in the history of the lands between the Mediterranean Sea and India.

Iran is the mainland for the Farsi language and it’s a hub for Farsi content creation in the region. Iran is located next to Arab countries, but despite this situation and the connection between Iran and these countries, the Farsi language has kept its roots due to the massive Farsi content creation in history and the current era. Iran has a population of more than 80 million which in turn has resulted in the high penetration of Farsi in the Middle East and stability of this language. Economically talking, Iran holds the fourth-largest reserves of oil and the second-largest of natural gas. It has a diversified economy that is the second-largest in the Middle East. People with Farsi language skills are in a position to be on the front lines of engaging and doing business with Iran and its international companies.

Different Types of video productions in Farsi language

Knowing Farsi provides you with an opportunity to learn about a rich and diverse culture that created major epic Farsi content such as Sufi poets like Ferdowsi, Rumi, and Hafez, delicate miniature paintings, fine carpets, and world-class films. Considering the fact that the Farsi language has not changed significantly over a millennium, the basic grammar for the ancient and current forms of the language is practically the same and is relatively easy to learn. Having said that, your ability to communicate in the Farsi language, considering its complex idiosyncrasies and cultural complexity, will give you a substantial economic advantage, both now and in the future.

Videos and movies have been one of the main tools of communication in the modern era. There are various types of videos ranging from documentaries, Commercial videos, short movies, to series, animations, and cartoons. All these videos are created by either real shooting or 2D and 3D technology. Many of them are in other languages than Farsi. In order to meet the importance of Farsi content creation and target the Farsi-speaking audience, these videos need to be either dubbed in Farsi or we need to add subtitles to the video.

Movie/Video production with Persian voice over

Taking advantage of the improvement of digital technology, the number of supply platforms, such as television networks, has been increasing in recent decades leading to ‘the boom and spread of AV [audiovisual] texts at the close of the twentieth century. There is also an ever-growing demand for audiovisual translation (AVT) in societies, particularly in communities such as Iran where a great amount of AV material is imported, and the AVT landscape of the nation has been traditionally and predominantly occupied with dubbing. In the process of dubbing, to better convey the sense of reality in the movie, professional sound effects, and sound design is necessary. This technic will make a huge difference in the final result of a dubbed movie for a Farsi-speaking audience.

Like any other language, Farsi has a variety of accents originating from various sections of ancient Persia. It is critical in every Farsi content creation project to consider the voiceover hints and technics. To produce a video in Farsi voiceover, every agency needs to understand these vital factors. The project may differ if the points connected to each region’s dialect, language, accent, and calligraphy are not observed. In some other cases, where the voiceover is not necessary or is not preferred, Farsi captions and Farsi subtitle plays the role. As a part of Farsi content creation, many private communication channels like movie websites provide all their movies in Farsi subtitle enabling Farsi-speaking people to better communicate with that movie.

Social media marketing with Persian content creation

Because of filtering Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in Iran, Instagram has become the most popular app for social media marketing in Iran in the past few years. According to studies, there are over 30 million Iranian users of Instagram. Iran takes 7th place in the list of active users of Instagram in the world. The Instagram penetration rate is 35% in Iran and it almost has become the first communication app in this country.

What attracts attention the most on Instagram in Iran is a tendency to the luxury lifestyle, accessibility, presence of brands, and the opportunity for many influencers and small businesses to sell their services and products directly. This fact makes Instagram a suitable space to advertise businesses and brands in Iran. On the other hand, Farsi content creation plays an absolutely important role in attracting more audiences. People search hashtags and keywords to reach what they are looking for. In most cases, brands and companies need standard Farsi content and captions to keep their followers satisfied and be of interest to newcomers. Moreover, the management of an Instagram account in Farsi is pretty critical. People on social media need to be seen and heard, and that’s what successful brands and companies take care of.

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