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8 tips to Execute Effective Social Media Ads in Iran

Social media in Iran and the world has grown quickly in the last decade and today, it seriously affects how companies communicate and engage with their clients. Being able to know how to execute effective social media ads in Iran also creates new businesses and influences revenue. Social media advertising in Iran includes numerous activities considering social media community management, influencer marketing, content creation services, media services, social media listening, engaging, and reporting.

In this article, through 8 important tips of Zigma8 recipe, we will tell you how to plan an effective social media advertising in Iran:

1.Recognize the Audience

It is a bit surprising, but planning your social media advertising in Iran begins with knowing your audience. You should know their visions and worries. What challenges they can resolve with using your product and services. When you make and share the content, it will be easier for you to understand what kind of content echoes your clients. The platform you use for your social media management will indicate surprising numbers. Google Analytics gives you some easy-to-use options to assist you to measure and compare the engagement ranges of any article you put on your website. In case you’ve already run social media advertising campaigns in Iran, you’ve encountered the analytics dashboards provided by social media channels.

2.Define the Strategy

After you recognized your audience, you must define the strategy for the ad content. Social media platforms offer distinctive content formats. The statistics indicate that there has been fast improvement in the use of interactive formats, for instance, story ads on Instagram. This great variety of formats including text, image, multi-image, video, etc. enable marketers and strategists to have the ability to experiment with diverse kinds of content to gauge how best to define their strategy in order to engage social users.

3.Prepare a Media Plan According to the Budget and Time

There is a fact that media planning is most of the time written by experts at advertising agencies. Media planners at advertising agencies usually cooperate with media buyers and the client to make the best strategy and plan by considering the budget and timing in order to maximize ROI on media cost. Expert media planners must have a firm notion of the brand and its target audience, diverse media platforms, and developing media trends.

4.The Content of the Ad Must Be Designed

After you recognized your audience, you must design the ad content. Considering social media ads in Iran, Instagram provides almost the most varied selection of media formats such as posts caption, videos, photos, stories, and much more. All the aforementioned ad formats might be different for different accounts and users, and they will be continuously evolving, but the only thing that remains the same is that your ad needs to be compatible with your target audience. You also have to remember that at the time user-generated content will be the best, the caption, videos, and photos are key to success.

5.You must have an advertising flow

It is an undeniable fact that many people have bought products and got services from different companies right after they watched an Instagram ad in Iran. It might have been a sale on a product or a service that they even hadn’t been thinking to buy, but the photos and videos can be eye-catching and the ads are skillfully targeted to a lot of Instagram impulsive users. But if we put content on Instagram with no targeted strategy and plan, the conversion rates will be drastically low. This is proven that many B2B companies have experienced this. Then what is the solution? You need to plan an advertising flow leading your users to the sales funnel.

6.Make Groups of Your Target Audience

With the consideration that you have different texts, captions, and flow in hand, the next phase is to take the provided tools by social media channels into practice to make custom audiences.

Instagram is by far the most popular social media ad platform in Iran. Following are the cases of target audiences you can create to raise the efficiency of your social media advertising in Iran:

  • Group 1: The audience built on the current followers of your account
  • Group 2: The audience who have seen 25 percent of your former posts
  • Group 3: The audience who have followed you on Instagram or visited your profile
  • Group 4: The audience who have visited your website during the last 30 days

7.Measure and Improve 

Through the previous tips, we explained about targeting. Now, it’s time to examine what you have planned and what you have done so far. In case the content you created doesn’t work efficiently, even the most effective targeting is impractical. Social media advertising works exactly like auction pricing, in a way that your content is competing with other ads aiming to grasp the same audience. A common technic is that you have to dedicate 60% of your time and energy to planning and creating ads, and 40% to measurement and improvement.

8.Monitoring and Reporting

Now you should run the social media monitoring and reporting. Here, monitoring means gathering data, collecting all the information and details you can. You need to get what users are talking and posting about you. This is the time for measuring what you have already accomplished, and you require to make a record of what is happening in your industry’s social space.

Next, it’s time for reporting. Without reporting, you’ll act in a baseless strategy in social media marketing. A social media reporting tool indicates to you what can work best for you and what cannot. Undoubtedly, you might see the difference yourself in some of your posts that perform better than others. But, the reality is that only a fundamental report will assist you to analyze the strong points and the weaknesses of your social media strategy.

We are now ready to hear from you if you are a company or a brand that is looking for an effective social media ads agency in Iran. Just leave us a message here or check out our works for more information and reference.

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