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How to use branding imperatives to make your brand stand out.

1. Acknowledge that we live in a branded world.

At Zigma8 full-service advertising agency we believe that everyone has a brand, even self-employed tradespeople, who may not realize they represent a brand. When they behave with the goal of influencing how their customers perceive them they will have effectively starting branding themselves. They can alter touchpoints such as the text in commercial listings, or the way their answering machine responds to project a brand identity, which in turn will present their brand promise. Consumers these days are savvier about branding, however, as globalization enters most aspects of people’s lives, and the tradesperson is probably conscious of their own brand also.

2. Seize every opportunity to position your company in your customers’ minds.

At Zigma8 full-service advertising agency we are conscious of the impact of every one of your touchpoints in the “consumer decision journey”. Although we understand that some touchpoints have a greater impact on determining a relationship between your brand and its consumer, we make sure that all touchpoints add up to get greater results where possible. To do this we work with our customers to creatively establish integration across touchpoints, which can mean being cross-linked or clustered to achieve deeper levels of brand positioning. By seizing these opportunities and taking this approach as a brand design agency we believe we can help you keep your brand promise.

3. Communicate a strong brand idea over and over again.

At Zigma8 full-service advertising agency we pride ourselves on getting you results — effective, efficient, and exquisite results, but behind each result lies a dynamic creative idea. We believe in the power of those ideas to transform relationships between your brand and its consumer in Iran or around the world. As the American Civil Rights activist Medgar Evers so powerfully put it, “You can kill a man, but you can’t kill an idea”, and when that idea so powerfully engages an audience, we work to make sure that it permeates across all your touchpoints. By doing this we not only help you keep your brand promise, but allow wider audiences over longer periods of time to add up. Like the best advertising agencies, we do it over and over again.

4. Go beyond declaring a competitive advantage. Demonstrate it!

There are many phrases to support this point: “put your money where your mouth is”, or “you talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”, but allow us to sum it up simply: “words are cheap”. Never has this been more the case than since the advent of the Internet, where companies, groups, or individuals can repeat words endlessly. “The proof is in the pudding”, as they say, so be sure to clarify your advantage; put it to the test through demonstrations, and talk the talk about how your brand or products walked the walk.

5. Understand the customers. Build on their perceptions, preferences, dreams, values, and lifestyles.

The customer knows best – you know that we know that – but knowing the customer better, is a better, if not more practical take on things. At Zigma8 as a brand marketing agency, we view branding as a relationship between brands and people while we aim to achieve a preferred relationship through nurturing – touchpoint by touchpoint. By understanding your customer, discovering and reflecting on who they and what makes them tick, we believe that your relationship will grow

6. Identify touchpoints — places in which customers interface with the product or service.

Touchpoints can be found at many points across the “consumer decision journey”, yet without traveling the journey yourself, and walking in their shoes, you may miss many important points. Put yourself in customers’ shoes and see your brand through their eyes to appreciate the interaction points by which you can keep your brand promise. At Zigma8, as a creative marketing agency, we work with you and share our experience in helping identify touchpoints, prioritizing effective and efficient opportunities to maximize results within a realistic budget.

7. Improving touchpoints. Keep up with the conversation to keep your brand promise.

The world moves forward – with us or without us – and with that, perceptions change as contexts change. What people say about your brand changes with what they see around your brand, and because you can only affect what you say about your brand, you’ll need to change things to keep up with the conversation. Your brand’s strategy, its positioning and the Big Ideas will remain, but your touchpoints – your all-important interface – should remain in review. At Zigma8 as a creative brand design agency, we remain aware of current trends and look for opportunities to improve your touchpoints.

8. Use brand identity to create sensory magnets to attract customers.

The consumer decision journey has signposts, but those signposts need to relate to one another. This is in large part determined by the strength of your brand identity. At Zigma8 as a 360 creative marketing company, we pre-emptively develop your brand identity to help you or other suppliers determine how signposts should look and feel.

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