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8 practical methods we at Zigma8 use when designing your brand Identity in Qatar


How is Brand Identity more than just image and what is Zigma8’s approach in developing it as a Branding agency based in Tehran?

At Zigma8 we believe in the importance of a Brand Identity in developing a successful brand, and although we aim to create exquisite results in this area, aesthetics is not the only detail we look at when forming it. As our CCO at Zigma8, Dr. Mir Damoon Mir often reminds us, “the best identities advance a brand”, and with his expert guidance we approach the task of Brand Identity development by applying the following criteria:  

8 functional criteria we at Zigma8 apply when creating your brand Identity in Iran

1. We make it bold, memorable, and appropriate
2. We ensure it’s immediately recognizable
3. We make sure it provides a consistent image of the company
4. We clearly communicate your company’s persona
5. We ensure it’s legally protectable
6. We insist on incorporating enduring value
7. We make sure it works well across media and scale
8. We ensure it works both in black and white and in color

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