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The Most Important Rules and Regulations of Out of Home Advertising in Iran

Rules and Regulations of Out of Home Advertising in Iran

Despite the fact that all the rules and regulations of OOH advertising in most Islamic countries in the world are almost the same, they are quite different in Iran. The strict Islamic rules have deep penetration in advertising in Iran, and they have resulted in the following rules for out of home advertising in Iran.

1- Advertisements that promote corruption and superstition or oppose the country’s official religions are prohibited.

2- An advertisement for a particular good or service should not implicitly or explicitly deny another similar product or service.

3- Advertisements should not offend people who suffer from certain disabilities or illnesses.

4- Advertising of goods and services in religious, scientific, and educational centers is prohibited.

5- Advertising should not insult the country’s official religions, customs, traditions, ethnicities, accents, and dialects.

6- It is not permitted to use scenes such as tobacco use and other similar cases that are harmful to human health or addictive and in some way promote their consumption explicitly or implicitly.

7- Advertising that promotes the destruction of the human environment, forests, pastures, natural resources, and natural habitats of animals is prohibited.

8- Advertising should not inspire fear and violence.

9- Material and images that show animals being harassed cannot be used in advertisements.

10- In the case of advertising, all laws relating to the protection of the material and intellectual rights of authors, writers, and artists, and the relevant bylaws must be observed.

11- Any exploitation of women in advertising is prohibited.

12- The appearance and make-up of the characters used in the advertisement must be commensurate with the national and religious customs of the society.

13- Ads should not be associated with the preference of the male and female gender.

14- In advertising, the use of children is prohibited to introduce goods and services that are not expected to be consumed, used, or purchased by them.

15- Promoting foreign languages, typos, and mispronunciations are not allowed in advertisements.

16- If there is a need to use a foreign script when editing ads, the size of the Persian language script must be larger than the foreign language script.

17- If the subject of the advertisement requires, in order to use the map and the flag of the Islamic Republic, the official flag and the complete map of the country must be brought in the advertisement.

18- Advertising should not make domestic products worthless.

19- Advertising of goods, services, and products of foreign countries are permitted if their supply and sale within the country are not legally prohibited.

20- Advertising on facilities, walls, buildings, and structures of embassies and political representatives of foreign countries is prohibited.

21- Advertising on the facilities, walls, buildings, and structures of private and legal persons, governmental and non-governmental, is subject to obtaining prior permission from their owners and officials.

22- Advertising of goods and products, which according to Note 4 of Article 6 of the Law on Amendments to the Laws and Regulations of the Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Research and Industry, for which the implementation of the standard is mandatory, depends on having a license to use the standard mark and industrial research of Iran.

23- Advertisers and the people who order the advertisements must have the necessary, convincing, and legal documentation for the claims and arguments of the subject of the advertisement.

The aforementioned rules are the written rules by law-makers. But in reality, there are many more tips and tricks and unwritten rules that you only learn by experience. Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications enjoys a team of managers who have been in advertising in Iran for more than 20 years and will be there next to you in every single step of your advertising plan in order to support you with the rules and regulations of out of home advertising in Iran.

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