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Commercial Video Production in Dubai

For many years, businesses have leveraged videos as a powerful marketing tool, and today, video production is a widely adopted method for conveying information globally, including in Dubai. The increasing popularity of videos has spurred innovation and creativity in the video production industry, making it an essential medium for brands to communicate unique messages.

What is Commercial Video?

Commercial videos serve as effective means for businesses and companies to communicate specific messages to employees, stakeholders, and customers. When executed successfully, commercial videos become potent marketing tools applicable to various B2B and B2C enterprises. They aim to inspire action and wield influence in a manner that surpasses other mediums, allowing brands to narrate their stories in engaging and impactful ways.

How Can Commercial Video Help Your Brand in Dubai?

Navigating the establishment of a brand in a new market can be challenging. Conveying a message that resonates with the target audience—defining who you are, your mission, vision, values, and what sets you apart from competitors—requires a strategic approach. This is where commercial videos, or video marketing in Dubai, prove invaluable. They possess the potential to significantly strengthen a brand, showcasing its uniqueness in the Dubai market.

Commercial videos play a pivotal role in establishing positive emotional connections with the target audience. Utilizing a powerful combination of imagery, audio, and messaging, these videos enable people to connect with organizations, brands, products, and services. Typically, commercial videos are concise, often under 30 seconds, requiring an immediate and impactful impression. This is where Zigma8, as a creative agency in Dubai, excels by helping brands reach their potential through creative ideas and strategic execution.

Different Stages of Commercial Video Production In Dubai

Basically, the process of creating commercial videos in Dubai can contain the following stages:

● Pre-planning
In the pre-planning stage, branding and brand goals of the project will be determined. It is mostly about understanding the sole purpose of this video production. A business must answer the main questions regarding this video, including:
● The purpose of the video
● Target audience
● Messages
● Budget
● Marketing and advertising strategy for the video
● Filming Location and Distribution channels
● Guest and Interviews
● Call to Actions

These are only a few questions you need to have exact answers to before going to produce a commercial video in Dubai.
● Pre-production
The budgets, timelines, guests, interviews, voice-over, locations and ideas are determined by this stage. The pre-production stage contains the following section:
● Site visit and considering lights, noises, reflections, …
● Storyboard Creation and scripting, developing a shoot plan, director, director instruction, actors, videographer, crew, editing team, etc.
● Production
Now here, all the planning is complete, and it is time to bring the story to life. The production phase is where all the footage, records, and voices will be ready for the commercial video in Dubai. In this phase, filming and shoot days will be done as well.
● Post-production
With all the elements recorded, post-production is going to start. In this stage, the VM team will organize, select, plan and edit the video content to create the intended commercial video. The first draft will be reviewed and revised with the given feedback. Once the video is finalized and approved, the final format will be shared with a business to be broadcasted or published on different channels.

Different Types of Video Production in Dubai

With all that in mind, you might wonder what commercial videos are there. And which type of video should you use? Here we brought some of the most popular commercial videos in Dubai for you to choose from.

1. Profile Video

A profile video is great for introducing a company to consumers and potential stakeholders. It offers information, history, and a specific message. It aims to help people understand and engage with a brand.

2. Promotional Video

A promotional video in Dubai is a more particular way of displaying a service or product. These videos are mostly used online as they can target audiences effectively. However, promotional videos can work on TV broadcasting platforms as well. It will help promote brand recognition, awareness, product launching, and familiarity.

3. Industrial Video

Industrial videos are produced within a specific industry. They are informative about services or products and many other means like fundraising, marketing, investor involvement, and advertising. (KACC Promotion Event)

4. Social Media Video

Social media videos in Dubai are made to encourage viewers to share the video or take a certain action. They are mostly used in Dubai to highlight brands and their nature. Social media videos in Dubai are focused on targeting specific groups of an audience through online algorithms in various channels. As an effective tool for marketing, social media videos in Dubai are distributed on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

5. Branding Video

Branding videos in Dubai are to raise brand awareness. They need strong visual design and consistency in color, fonts, and graphics as they are used to narrate a brand’s story. Branding videos can increase customer loyalty, grow the customer base, and create a memorable reputation.

6. Testimonial Video

A testimonial video in Dubai focuses on promoting a brand by featuring people who have already used a service or product and are happy with their choices. These videos can connect to the experience of consumers and turn them into potential customers. They offer trust and familiarity and can win people’s attention through what they offer. In some cases, celebrity testimonials go a long way to increase likability.

7. Social Responsibility Videos

Social responsibility videos contain a story of how a business is helping and giving back to a community. They are used to encapsulate and portray a vision that can be bigger than the business itself.

At Zigma8, our dedicated team of experts has experienced all types of commercial video production in Dubai for local and international businesses. We specialize in almost all kinds of video production techniques and have helped countless companies worldwide to revolutionize the market. If you are trying to start a video production in Dubai for your brand or company, you are in the right place.
At Zigma8, our qualified and experienced team are proud to bring creativity, art, talent and innovation to commercial video production. You can check out our Works and Services for more information. Contact us online for any further questions.

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