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Zigma8, an internationally recognized advertising and branding agency, will describe the main steps of hiring a creative advertising agency.

How to Hire a Creative Agency in Dubai?

As a company, have you ever experienced a not memorable advertising campaign which is considered a complete waste of money and time? If this keeps happening, you need a creative agency to help you get back in the game. In this article, Zigma8, an internationally recognized advertising and branding agency, will describe the main steps of hiring a creative creative agency in Dubai. Let’s dive in.
The advertising industry is worth about $500 billion worldwide. Many businesses still believe they can tackle all their marketing and advertising needs in-house. But it is a fact that to refine a company’s messaging and reach the target audience; it is necessary to hire an agency to position a brand for growth and development.
A creative agency, especially when it is a local one, can help a business to supercharge a company’s growth in various markets.
Therefore we collected a few important steps that will help you find the perfect creative agency in Dubai to ensure success in a new local market.

How to Hire an Advertising Agency?

Here are a few simple steps to guide you in deciding whether an agency is suitable for business.

Step 1: You Want Culture, Not a Process

Advertising agencies in Dubai can have the same process toward a project with a similar formula used for everyone. An agency’s plan for advertising a brand in Dubai should be based on a particular goal: to offer the best creative work tailored for that specific brand. Find an agency that can fit the culture of your business and your target audience. A local agency in Dubai like Zigma8 can offer you an advertising plan aligned with your mission and revenue goals.

Step 2: Specify Your Goals and Communicate Them

When you start to work with an advertising agency, you need to define what success is for your business. You should explain your roadmap, business plan and KPIs for each channel to the agency. By communicating your goals, vision, mission, target, etc., you will reach common ground and can easily decide whether the agency fits your plans or not. So set the expectations early and monitor them based on your needs.

Step 3: Have a Clear Budgeting Plan

Before diving into the steps of advertising, you need to have a clear idea of the maximum amount you are planning to invest in your marketing campaigns and agency and other marketing choices. This will allow you to tailor your perfect outreach more precisely and avoid disappointment. Calculate your reach and target budget and set realistic expectations for the quality you want from them. Communicate the result you are expecting and what you want to achieve. A well-defined and transparent budgeting plan can help creative agencies in Dubai like Zigma8 to come up with realistic goals and bring you success.

Step 4: Define a Detailed RFPs

Providing details about the project’s scope will increase the chances of better responses and results. Signing a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) is an acceptable way to protect your data. This will help you to start a valuable partnership instead of a one-off project. You do not need a well-written or well-designed RFP (Request for Proposal); it just needs to be detailed. Instead of “We want to run an acquisition campaign, and our budget is unlimited “, write “, We have $X dollars, and we want to run paid social and paid search gained through video content. The expected results are …”.

Step 5: Require a Staffing Model

Ask the prospective creative agencies in Dubai how they plan to serve you. Ask them to explain in detail and precisely their plan and interview their staff in the RFP process. Place your emphasis on the creative team because they are the strategic parts of any advertising plan. Keep in mind that a single agency may have only some experts on staff. So some of their talented employees may not be available locally and work remotely; this is why many businesses also rely on freelancers. It would be best if you focused on receiving quality work performed correctly.

With all that in mind, adding new people to your organization can be daunting. If you can, hiring an creative agency in Dubai can help you build your brand and engage with the target audience. There are only a few steps every business has to overcome while hiring an agency for the first time. Zigma8 is an internationally known and celebrated advertising and branding agency with thousands of successful projects globally. If you are in an expert team to help you own the market and increase your ROI, we can help you plan the best advertising attempt that is well worth the effort. Contact us for any further questions.

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