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Creating a Luxury Brand Identity that Appeals to Audiences in Dubai

Marketing a Luxury Brand with a World-class Creative Advertising Campaign in Dubai

The Jewelry business can be represented as a unique market. In the marketing world, jewelry businesses are not based on catering to people’s needs or comfort. Instead, selling jewelry is more about promoting certain emotions by using symbolism that can be traced to hundreds of years ago traditions. It is about igniting a feeling, and that is where a good jewelry marketing strategy can make a difference.

Jewelry has a dynamic industry that won’t stop growing. Considering sales and consumers of jewelry worldwide, there are different types of jewelry aimed at different types of audiences. With all that, creating a marketing strategy that focuses on a specific target audience is important.

Speaking of the jewelry industry, Nafeese Alavee, the Iranian-Italian renowned gemologist and jewelry designer, worked in the field for many years. She mastered her trade in Italy and started to create handmade jewelry to promote love and passion worldwide but mostly in Dubai, Tehran, and the Middle East. Since her talent was adored there and the business was rapidly expanding, she needed Zigma8, leading advertising and branding agency in the Middle East, to foster and mature the brand’s message and mission in order to level up her marketing game and update her brand identity to cater to the expanding audience scope.

Nafeese Alavee stated that her brand needs to shape a compelling and clear identity to accurately reflect every piece’s artistry. When it comes to luxurious jewelry like hers, buyers’ intentions and the story behind the jewelry are integrated and undeniable. So, she asked us to create a unified brand image that genuinely signifies its unique style and chic nature.

Our marketing strategies in Zigma8 treat selling jewelry like art. There definitely is an innate talent for creating it, but it will be challenging to get a business ahead and dominate the market without the right skills and strategies. By designing and implementing this wonderful advertising campaign in Dubai, we tried to boost Nafeese Alaves’s business and target the right consumers that will support her in the long run.

Advertising in Dubai for a Luxury Jewelry Brand

NA jewelry was finalized by having the designer’s signature, which is a mixture of outwardly luxurious reflecting the Italian background packed in a glorious Middle Eastern feeling deep down. But this subtle and seductive Middle Eastern charm was not seen in any packaging, presentation, or communication process. Therefore, our first marketing attempt at Zigma8 was to retouch the brand’s logo.

Without a doubt, mostly a brand is centered around its name. When the name is combined with the brand’s signature, logotype becomes an important type of representation. So, our branding team came up with the first solution to add the representation of luxury and Middle Eastern vibe to the brand’s logotype.

To that extent, Nafeese Alavee’s advertising and marketing project in Dubai continued by combining the concepts of oriental beams, earthly love, attention, and bespoke fascination into a solid and clear-cut identity for the handmade jewelry business in Dubai. Our designers tried their best to manifest the soul of her artistic magnetic works and captivate the audience’s desire at first glance.

For the final logo design, we were inspired by six interconnected features, including the initials of the designer N and A (Nafeese Alavee), the chignon curl symbol of charisma and power, and delicacy, simple circle shape representing infinity and attention, the Persian Mandala having the tempting structure of so-called oriental beams and Middle Eastern vibes, and last but not least, the Persian Chalipa offering earthly love, feminine charm, and unity.

Creating a Luxury Brand Identity that Appeals to Audiences in Dubai

As a 360° creative communications agency, the Zigma8 branding team was utterly familiar with the Middle Eastern motifs. For that, we were able to successfully extrapolate the soul of Nafeese Alavee’s style by portraying its innate allure. Specifically speaking, the brand identity we created for the NA jewelry brand weaved the ancient abstract depiction of the sun between the reflection of the tombs of Persian kings. We aimed for grandeur and charm to be reflected in the soul of Nafeese Alavee’s brand.

Additionally, emotions are the main factor behind a successful marketing campaign in Dubai. To emotionally involve the consumers is the truth for the jewelry business. It is a fact that purchasing jewelry is an emotional act instead of a purposeful one, and this is why our marketing campaign in Dubai needed to create emotional responses in customers. For that, we come up with the perfect slogan for the brand to accompany the carefully-crafted brand personality. By mixing and matching the highlighted terms such as fascination, royalty, romanticism, and sense of bespoke, we built a catchy and compelling slogan of “Bespoke Fascination.”

We were empowered and inspired by the trust and believed she invested in us through the whole project. Zigma8 delivered a successful marketing campaign alongside a world-class advertising campaign in Dubai, carving the NA in jewelry lovers’ hearts and art seekers’ minds worldwide. We introduced her to the best ways in the business to captivate her audience, charm them and feed them what they appreciate and crave. This exclusive brand identity helped her exude the distinct style she owns and encapsulate the level of luxury she offers.

Winning Prestigious Awards for Efficient Advertising and Branding Solutions in Dubai

Zigma8 brand identity solution for Nafeese Alavee covered every touchpoint containing packaging, promotions, online services, social media, and all the details required. The result of this project gives us such an honored experience that we helped a remarkable artistic woman to find her way in a highly competitive industry and build an empire of diamonds with her talent and skills. And there is no wonder that our luxury marketing agency in Dubai, Zigma8, was granted the CMCA 2021 award for the Best Brand Packaging for NA’s project.

In addition, Zigma8 creative and alluring brand identity creation was admired as the brand identity icon in the Fashion category of WBDS awards known as World Brand Design Society which is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the world of branding agencies. The World Brand Design Society (WBDS) is an internationally focused community founded in 2008 with the primary goal of highlighting exceptional packaging and corporate brand design while building a closer relationship between knowledge and community. The WBDS aims to promote special practices of the industry and support active members by encouraging further dialogue, celebrating their creativity, directing people to the forefront, and presenting their world on a globally recognized stage. Luckily, Nafeese Alavee’s creative brand identity project was recently featured and celebrated to have Excellent quality in relevance, implementation, and presentation sections of the WBD competition in Nov. 2021. Being featured in this kind of community of professionals makes us believe in the validity of our mission each and every day.

Consequently, advertising and marketing campaigns are specifically designed strategies carried out across different mediums to achieve desired results, such as brand awareness, increased sales, improved communication, etc. Many business owners think these mean simply creating an ad or a plan. For marketing or advertising to yield the best results, it is crucial to be well-organized right from the start.

If you are currently considering launching an advertising or marketing campaign, check out our Services and Works to get the gist of what you need and expect. We recommend you get in touch with us to help you achieve your desired results. A luxury marketing agency in Dubai like Zigma8, specifically geared towards marketing and digital marketing, we help you optimize your budget and access metrics related to the evolution of actions throughout a comprehensive plan.

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