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Introducing a New Brand to the Market with House-of-Brands Marketing Strategy in Iran

Creating a Marketing Strategy in Iran to Introduce a New Business to the Market

Although investing in a local market can be risky for international brands and require a lot of capital, the reward can be huge. Selling products or services in another country can be the first step to introducing a company to huge markets, increasing sales and profits, gaining brand recognition, and extending the products’ life cycle. There are various ways a company can enter a local market, and the most crucial one is developing a thorough strategy.

This post will explore the successful PTI project through which Zigma8 flawlessly created a brand identity in Iran to enter the local market, gain attention, and claim significant market share. Keep on reading if you wonder how it is possible to enter a new market as an international brand and surpass prosperous local competitors.

Introducing a New Brand to the Market with House-of-Brands Marketing Strategy in Iran

PTI or Parsian Tobacco Industrial Group of Qeshm is a joint venture company active in the field of tobacco. When they decided to import their brands and distribute them to Iran, Zigma8 was their first choice to approach for such a major market entry. We based this project on creating a creative and solid marketing strategy in Iran to bring them tangible market share and customer brand awareness. The PTI brand wanted to enter the market with the ambition of defining the future of the tobacco category and capturing a noticeable percentage of the market through innovative distribution models in line with market requirements inside Iran and neighboring countries.

Our branding strategists in Zigma8 have decided to develop a brand architecture. Generally speaking, brand architecture is how we organize, manage and go to market strategy with brands. It is known as the face of a business strategy. The brand architecture will work effectively if it reflects a clear understanding of the market and the brand strategies of the competitors and align and support the business goals and objectives. While there are many different brand architecture models, our experts decided to go with the house-of-brands strategy.

How to Advertise a New-comer Into the Market with Marketing Activities in Iran

How to Advertise a New-comer Into the Market with Marketing Activities in Iran

PTI company was faced with a group of well-established competitors, and to successfully position the products; we needed to develop a strong brand identity and base it on the established aesthetics of the market so that the new brand encountered a sense of belonging to the community; an identity for the business that owns many brands.

In the house-of-brands strategy, the product itself is the primary brand rather than the company. In this model, individual products or companies can focus on what they do best without limiting the broader group’s business growth trajectory. For instance, in the Alphabet company, Google operates in search and analytics, YouTube focuses on video content, and smaller operations will continue to work in their own specialist areas.

Implementing a Successful Branding and Advertising Plan in Iran

To implement a successful branding and advertising plan in Iran, we opt for a unique yet familiar visual identity by designing the main logo for the brand. To achieve a comprehensive identity, we designed a specific trademark that manifested the nature of the business at a deeper level. It was driven from the original tobacco plant containing three leaves embracing each other. To represent an exquisite and classic feeling, we chose rose gold and dark blue as the brand’s primary color palette as they highlighted trust, confidence, and a sense of belonging. This familiar and friendly logo was accompanied by a familiar-sounding name, PTI, Parsian Tobacco Industrial Group of Qeshm, both in Persian and English to complete the scenario for strongly entering the local market. Anyone with the local culture would easily relate to the name and consider it a locally developed brand.

But we did not stop there; we also created a full suite of brand elements, including the fully-designed stationery set, then cemented them in a comprehensive brand guidelines document. Zigma8 created a roadmap for brand identity, development, and design to increase flexibility for product growth. From the messaging and communications standpoints, we created an organized brand architecture to help PTI reach its target market for the products it offers. We created a look that received the desired audience judgment. By covering all aspects of communications, our house-of-brands achieved both the look and feel of a business with an authentic history in the local market of Iran. We gave them the power to enter the competition boldly as if they had been playing in it for years. Our definite victory was achieved when the PTI business was accepted in the market and consumers the moment they entered the field.

As a globally celebrated creative marketing agency in Iran, Zigma8 focuses on simplicity and directness. Our result-driven strategies will help you find and empower the greatness of your brand identity. This way, we lead you to leverage many opportunities within your organization. Why don’t you explore the details of our successful Works to realize the Services that fit your current status? Contact us and let us help you unify your brand with our team of experts and cohesive strategies.

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