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Creating impressive product labels in Dubai

Label design in Iran

In today’s oversaturated market, brimming with vast quantities of products readily available, designing packing labels that attract consumers’ attention is proving ever more difficult and challenging. It is said that 70% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale, so creating quality labels, printed with an eye-catching design is essential. Whether launching a new product or just redesigning the look of existing packaging, at Zigma8 | 360º Creative Communications, we keep 8 important points in mind when creating product label designs in Iran. So, like all top design agencies in Iran or the international market, we get results by:

1. Design with production in mind

Designing outstanding product labels in Iran requires a deep understanding of the brand, it’s potential customers and a deep knowledge about the paper stocks, inks and adhesives available in the Iran’s market.

At Zigma8, like any award-winning design agency in Iran, we consult with label printing companies during the package conception process to discover all the possible options available. This allows us to develop labels that will go on to become an invaluable asset and help better sell the product.

2. Solidify the Brand Identity

A brand’s identity will provide a roadmap to all packaging and labeling requirements. Not only will this include the look of a brand’s logo but it will also indicate what consumers should understand about both the company and its specific products. Determining the message that should be communicated to potential customers will help us select what content, both in text and imagery, should go on the label. A good place to start is with a company’s mission and values – we can ask ourselves, how exactly do we go about visually communicating these ideals?

At Zigma8, we work in the same way as top design agencies or top marketing companies in Iran by keeping the target audience and market in mind, coming up with words and phrases that are relevant to that specific section of the population.

3. Choose the Right Materials

After the brand identity is nailed down, it’s time to choose the materials that will go on to be the building blocks of the labels. In addition to what gets printed on each label, the physical appearance of the labels themselves will also have an impact on consumer perception – if the labels tear or smudge easily during shipping, your product’s presentation will be damaged, thus affecting your brand’s image.

At Zigma8, as with the best design companies in Iran, we choose the best material according to the best available facilities for printing and production in Iran. We also supervise the entire process, assuring our clients that the brand identity will remain consistent, even across product varieties offered by that brand.

4. Consider the Importance of Color

Researchers have found that anywhere from 62%, all the way up to 90% of a consumer’s first impression of a product is based solely on color. So after conducting market research in Iran or other destinations, we at Zigma8 | 360º Creative Communications, as is the case with the best branding agencies, make an effort to find out if we are using the most effective colors for a label design or whether we should look to utilize a completely different color scheme. We then set about designing labels by taking into consideration the limitations with printing, while also remaining aware of the production costs in Iran’s market. This way we can determine from the very start what kind of production method should be used to achieve the best results and the best color consistency.

5. Make Text Clear and Legible

It is believed that the text on a label has about 3 seconds to attract the attention of a buyer. Therefore, clarity and legibility is highly important with the design of labels. At the same time, a label will likely need to contain the name or symbol of the brand, along with two or three words serving as a description of the product itself. Legibility can sometimes prove challenging when working with Persian typefaces and fonts – balancing the beauty of the type while maintaining its legibility can often be the most complicated part for a branding and design agency in Tehran like ourselves deal with. In addition to these complications there’s all the necessary legal requirements, all of which should appear in both the Persian and English language.

At Zigma8 360º | Creative Communications, we have the experience and expertise at hand to ensure clarity and legibility with your label design, without compromising on attention-grabbing creativity.

6. Make it Extendable

A product’s packaging design concept must allow the easy introduction of a new line extensions (products variation) or sub-brands.

At Zigma8, as with any top design agency in Iran, we know how great packaging design allows for the introduction of variations without loosing visual consistency and appeal. We ensure we avoid facing problems later on by future-proofing our designs from the outset. We do this by creating visually systematic designs that allow for easy changes in the product’s visual or information, resulting in a fine looking family of products from the launch and continuing on through the years.

7. Be Clear and Stay Simple

Product label designs must quickly answer these questions in less than 4 seconds (the maximum time average consumer will dedicate to any particular product on the shelf): what’s this product for and what’s the brand behind it?

At Zigma8, as is the case with any of the best graphic design services in Iran, we believe that label designs must not only be clear about the product and must be clear about the brand.

8. Create for a Fair Price

It is only the best agencies that create label designs by selecting materials and the methods of production that works with the concept, fitting the design requirements and falling within a desired budget.

At Zigma8, as is the case with top design agencies in Tehran, we know well that the price of each label produced must fall within a certain budget limitation. We know that by choosing the best material and production for each label design we would get the best result within an appropriate budget.

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