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Let’s suppose you were to ask the best advertising agencies: What makes a brand? Here are some thoughts on branding.

“A brand is not what you say it is, but what they say it is”, one expert claims. Jeff Bezos however, founder of the brand Amazon, the online shopping success story, adds an amusing twist to this by saying that, “your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. There are many other opinions on the matter, but allow us at Zigma8, the creative branding agency, to simply sum up our opinion on the often confusing definition of what makes a brand.

The origins of the word “brand” come from the Old Norse “brandr”, meaning to burn. This refers to the practice of burning a “mark”, or identity, onto livestock. This was done to distinguish one type of livestock from another. Although marking and identification continues today in ever more complicated ways, we at Zigma8, the full-service marketing agency, like to sum up the idea of a brand and the practice of branding, either inside or outside of Iran, as both relationships and the nurturing of them.

We see branding as the core concept of a creative brand design agency, and we believe that it exists in an evolving environment, subject to continual shifts in perception – something that is certainly on the increase in recent years in Iran. With this understanding, we’ve adapted methods and practices to create brands and/or help them grow. Our aim is to strategically create communications that foster a preferred relationship, resulting in zero difference between what both you and the customers say.

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