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اهمیت ایده‌آل‌های برند در لانچ برند و لانچ محصول (


How can brand ideals contribute to your company’s success, and what ideals do we apply at Zigma8 creative brand design agency in Iran?

At Zigma8 creative brand design agency, we believe that ideals are essential to an effective creative process, regardless of the size of a company or the nature of a business. These ideals hold true in launching an entrepreneurial venture, creating a new product or service, repositioning a brand, working on a merger, or creating a retail presence.

With each customer who approaches us for branding services in Iran, we look to apply a set of ideals. By doing this we aim to ensure the longevity of the brand while helping keep the brand promise as the core strategy of a world-class advertising agency in Iran

The eight brand ideals that Zigma8 full-service branding and marketing agency uses to ensure your brand’s success:

  1. Creating Vision – a compelling vision by an effective, articulate, and passionate leader is the foundation and inspiration for the best brands.
  2. Communicating Meaning – the best brands stand for something – a big idea, a strategic position, a defined set of values and a voice that stands apart.
  3. Establishing Authenticity – an organization needs to have clarity about its market, positioning, value proposition, and competitive difference.
  4. Developing Differentiation – brands always compete with each other within their business category, and at some level, compete with all brands that want our attention, our loyalty, and our money.
  5. Sustaining Durability – a brand must have longevity in a world in constant flux, characterized by future permutations that no one can predict.
  6. Delivering Coherence – whenever a customer experiences a brand, it must feel familiar and have the desired effect. Consistency does not need to be rigid or limiting in order to feel like one company.
  7. Finding Flexibility – an effective brand identity positions a company for change and growth in the future. It supports an evolving marketing strategy.
  8. Conveying Value – building awareness, increasing recognition, communicating uniqueness and quality, and expressing a competitive difference create measurable results.

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