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Social Media in Iran

How has social media changed the way companies communicate their brand, and what is the social media strategy used by digital marketing companies like Zigma8?

The consumer is no longer a faceless statistic in a report; she has become an active participant in the brand building process. “Share”, “tag”, and “comment” are her new mantras. Imagine a global market place where everyone is a player, producer, director, and distributor.

In the branding business very little has been left untouched by digital technology – not only has it been a game changer, but with the addition of social media, it’s been a conversation changer. If a brand is not what you say about it, but rather, what they say about it, these days, there are many public places in which people can say anything about a brand. At Zigma8 digital marketing company in Iran, although we aim to create zero difference between what both you and they say, we understand that this task is becoming increasingly more complex – certainly when working in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Social media in Iran is subject to many restrictions, but it is still widely used. For our customers this can feel a little like a minefield to navigate, not least of all for our international customers looking to enter Iran’s emerging market. Even though our customers, like their customers, are able to participate on major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook through the use of VPNs, we highly advise avoiding that route. At Zigma8 full service marketing agency we work with you to choose strategic and safe touchpoints to communicate your brand. One such safe and hugely popular platform used by Iranians is Instagram, which among other advantages avoids restrictions through implementing its own limitations. Through this platform we have successfully helped our customers build new relationships with their customers efficiently and effectively.

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