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Customers can get very high-quality videos by commercial video production in Iran

Commercial Video Production in Iran

What exactly commercial video production means in Iran can be an important question to start the discussion in this regard. It is any type of video production content that a business, a company or a person produces to introduce commercial purposes like promoting their brand, products, services or even a character in the company. Iran also has a rich history of video and movie production which gives the potential to this country to have a lot to say in this field. There are countless creative teams in Iran working with novel ideas to make appealing videos for different purposes. To have them in more details, below, we will explain different types of commercial video production in Iran:

  • Video reel: the commercial video that is also known as a showreel, is a type of video introducing a company’s previous works, awards, services, etc. This video can be made differently. Some prefer to have it in animation, while some others go with real video shooting of the staff or clients and some a mix of both.
  • Conference and seminar video: conferences and seminars are getting viral in the world now, and Iran isn’t an exception in this regard. These gatherings also need to have a visual result which can be a commercial video. This video shows how the guests are welcomed, how the main event has been run, the keynotes of the key speakers, and it has ended up. Moreover, there is also a live stream of the whole conference or seminar that can be aired through TV channels, social media channels and pages, and even private links.
  • Motion graphics and animation: motion graphics are a kind of animation. Mainly, motion graphics show moving graphic design. On the other hand, animation is a general word used to describe moving imagery that includes all kinds of graphics from cartoons to claymation. Many companies prefer to have a commercial video in motion graphics.
  • Internal communication video: it has been proven that more than 95% of a delivered message is entirely heard and retained when it is said in a commercial video. HR teams in companies with a more number of employees usually take advantage of this option to communicate with their staff. Nowadays people communicate much easier with videos because they watch many different types of videos on their phones and they feel more comfortable with them.
  • Industrial video: at Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications we have 4 steps for an industrial or commercial video production that includes: pre-production phase, production phase, post-production stage, and the distribution strategy. At every single production step, we have professionals in at our team for each feature of the industrial video production process to take part in the production of your video so that we can deliver the best result for your corporation.

There are undoubtedly more types of commercial videos in Iran, but the aforementioned are the most common and known types of videos in the business. One important fact about commercial video production in Iran is the competitive price in comparison to other countries. Customers can get very high-quality videos in Iran which can cost lower than what video production agencies deliver in other countries.

Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications has had the opportunity to have international clients and has worked with well-known brands in the world. The result has been remarkably satisfying and we are proud to announce that we are a head and a shoulder above other commercial video production agencies in Iran.

Now we would like to invite you to have a glance at our works or contact us for more information about our services and how we can start a project.

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