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LinkedIn marketing is the method of using LinkedIn to make connections

How to implement LinkedIn Marketing in Middle East?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest business network with over 722 million users and about 22% of those use it every single day. The main reason for it is to strengthen their professional network. It is a great place for people to stay in touch with colleagues, get referrals, and find new jobs. Moreover, it can be used to effectively market a business, but how? This can be answered in this blog post as Zigma8 rounded up everything you know about LinkedIn marketing.

What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is the method of using LinkedIn to make connections, generate leads, increase brand awareness, create business relationships and partnerships, share content and drive traffic to a website. It is considered to be an important part of any successful marketing strategy as it is effective for expanding professional networks.

Why Is Marketing on LinkedIn Important?

Most businesses put all their resources on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These platforms will be helpful for reaching target audiences, but LinkedIn is a unique tool for a business to grow its authority. As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn generated leads more effectively than any other social platform by 227%.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media platform launched in 2003 with the goal of networking, building careers, and sharing ideas. Through these platforms, people can connect and share content with their professional circle, like colleagues, potential employers, business partners, competitors, new employees, and customers.

How Businesses Use LinkedIn for Marketing

LinkedIn can be used to drive traffic to a website, quality leads, share expertise, and grow a network. It is useful for finding new jobs and attracting talent to a company. Some companies use LinkedIn as a branding tool, and others use it to hire talent. Once a business creates a big picture for its activity on LinkedIn, it can build an effective presence. Below are some great ways a business can use to leverage LinkedIn.

  1. LinkedIn is a field to distribute B2B content. Specifically, content that helps brands position themselves as an authority in their industry. Content like blog posts, case studies, reviews, testimonials, customer success stories, and videos, including interviews, webinars, snippets, and tips.
  2. LinkedIn for business can be a social platform and a news source. Brands can announce news like launches of new products or services, major company milestones, financial wins, and preview pieces of upcoming content or events.
  3. Positive press and PR on LinkedIn is a popular ways to spread the word and make a brand talk of the town. Businesses can use LinkedIn to get in front of B2B influencers, journalists, and other major players in their industry.
  4. Many businesses use company culture for recruiting and positioning. This is an effective way to stand out in the crowd and attract talent. It can be done through celebrating new hires, taking stands on social issues, day-in-the-life company posts, and recap of the company events like conferences or behind-the-scenes.
  5. Last year LinkedIn exceeded $ 1 billion in ad revenue along with increasing organic engagement. LinkedIn can help businesses generate leads. Brands have to be mindful of how they nurture leads and sell. It can be a massive tool to gain more users by promoting company events, announcing new plans, pricing, products, and services, and running LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Tips in Middle East?

Finding the best practice for a specific industry might require some trial and error. Use the below LinkedIn marketing tips to earn more engagement and target audiences.

  1. Posting original content is a great way of gaining engagement. A business can choose whether to keep users on the platform or link them to a website or blog. One of the most used methods is to break up blog posts into smaller, text-only LinkedIn posts. Creating infographics and slideshows with external links can also be effective.
  2. Frequency and consistency in publishing posters are important on LinkedIn, like any other platform. In brand accounts, there are not multiple posts per day. Most activities on LinkedIn are during the weekday morning and early afternoons. Engaging in discussions, sharing resources, and answering questions can raise a company’s profile.
  3. LinkedIn marketing should be personal and relatable. Therefore, marketing messaging and brand voice becomes essential in LinkedIn marketing. Brands can share meaningful tips and experiences and show a modest sense of humor as well on LinkedIn to create a bond.
  4. Brands can empower employees in order for them to promote and engage on their behalf. It is a fact that employee advocacy on LinkedIn is the make-or-break when it comes to content distribution and reach.
  5. LinkedIn gives you analytics to uncover top content ideas. Brands can use LinkedIn to post everything they want. Regularly assessing brands’ content performance can help brands to optimize their activity. LinkedIn analytics offers numbers like post engagement, preferred time and frequency, account reach, the impact of employees, traffic, and lead generation.

Is LinkedIn Marketing Worth It?

Marketing on LinkedIn is worth the effort for most B2B companies. Depending on the budget and goals, brands can decide whether to promote on LinkedIn through free strategies or use paid ads. So far, we have gathered ways to use LinkedIn freely, but to use paid marketing bends can go for sponsored content, sponsored messaging, conversation ads, message ads, and videos/text ads. And boosted posts.

LinkedIn marketing can be a marketing strategy for brands. Using different tactics makes it much easier to get results. Posting regularly, joining the viral discussion, joining LinkedIn groups, sharing industry content, and creating videos to boost energy are some of the practical ways of using LinkedIn for marketing.

LinkedIn is a professional network allowing people and businesses to build credibility, establish authority and create a meaningful circle. All these can be possible with the correct LinkedIn marketing strategy, and now you know everything about how to do it right.

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