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How to Use Social Media in Iran for Business

An Overview of Social Media Usage in Iran for Businesses

Using social media in Iran for growing business is an incredibly effective way to engage with new, current, and prospective users. Today the variety of social media platforms give businesses a great opportunity to use them based on their needs and requirements. These channels are not created equally therefore having a marketing strategy or a clear plan is needed to focus on those channels that suit the business correctly.

Popular social media platforms in Iran are Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and recently Youtube. To grow your online presence on these platforms you need to have a clear undrasranding of the benefits they offer. Zigma8 presents you with an overview of social media usage in Iran for business and benefiting from an effective social media strategy.

How to Use Social Media in Iran for Business

Every business has different aspects to work on, but there are some of the aspects of a business that will surely benefit from an active social media presence in Iran including marketing, customer service, sales, and crisis management. Let us go through a list of how to use social media in Iran for any business.

Using Social Media For Marketing in Iran 

Using social media for an effective online presence gives businesses the opportunity to reach customers and prospects where they spend most of their time. Marketing your brand via social media should start with a marketing strategy. Having a straight plan increases your chances of being successful. This means a strategy embracing all your communication channels spatially social media platforms.

Posting consistently gives you a valuable presence and helps you develop a clear voice. This way you find a way to interact with your audience and influence how they see your brand. Listen to them and find ways to relate to them. Show a little personality to present you as an adaptive, friendly, and relevant character.

Offer your followers fun experiences to generate more leads, engage your customers, and let them connect with your brand like running content, special offers, linking your website, and hosting live videos with exciting news and updates.

Using analytical tools help you track your audiences’ demographic information, online users’ behavior, and trends to apply to your content.

Using Social Media for Customer Service in Iran

Since people are using smartphones everywhere, offering them customer service via social media can be a good idea. It allows you to address problems easily and create a loyal customer base.

Monitoring social media channels and responding to concerns promptly can help businesses build strong relationships with customers. Remember that a public conversion is never good. Many angry or frustrated customers may leave comments on your Instagram account. What should you do? While you shouldn’t ignore these messages, it is not wise to handle them entirely in public. Show them you value their comment by sending an initial response to continue it privately. Using updated and business-related hashtags allows you to organize your topic and create an easy-to-navigate account to support your customers’ needs.

Using Social Media for Revenue in Iran

One of the greatest magic of social media is increasing sales. Social media platforms can help you boost your sales in various ways. These platforms allow you to advertise, run campaigns, reach the target audience, and monitor the results. Also, some platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer shoppable posts that make it easy for many businesses to start selling their products or services. There are many influencers or loyal customers that can boost the word-of-mouth buzz about a business and boost revenue.

Moreover, social listening can change your business’s social media presence. Social listening is having a macro view of what customers are saying online about your brand and using the information to improve the business. It gives businesses a broader view to, directly and indirectly, increase sales.

Using Social Media for Crisis Management in Iran

There might be a time when people are not satisfied with your tweets or they expected you to react to an incident but you didn’t and now they are mad. Whether you choose to send them heartfelt messages or choose to be silent, you would feel the uncertainty of your choices.

You should know that there is no book to help you how t handle such horrific headlines, however, there are some tips and experiences that you can use to react to a breaking or tragic event such as below:

  • If you do not have anything nice to offer, it is better to not say anything.
  • Silence is not a good choice in a tragic situation.
  • Having a social media strategy will help you be ready for any kind of situation.
  • Choose your words and subjects carefully and always feel connected to people.
  • Check your calendar and pause any nonessential posts in case of a tragic event.
  • If your business can help in any way, do not be hesitant to offer it.

How Does Using Social Media in Iran Benefit Your Business?

Using social media for business in Iran has plenty of undeniable advantages.

Your strong online presence will help you build brand awareness and boost your publicity. It allows us to interact with people on a more human level and create a visual and mental personality that has a mission, value, and understanding.

Effective social media presence will make a brand become the leader not only in the market but in people’s minds. These channels can increase sales and website traffic by leading people toward your brand and making them loyal.

Zigma8 as a reputed advertising and branding agency in Iran can help you find your voice in the online atmosphere of Iran. Our experts will show you the best way towards creating an effective brand personality and presenting it online in order to grow into a much more loved brand by Iranians. Why don’t you take a look at our successful projects and learn about your current requirements? If you do know what you want, give us a call.

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