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Creating Customer Persona and Its Great Impacts on Digital Marketing in Iran

If you have been anywhere near the marketing world, you probably know that a detailed buyer persona lays the foundation for a great digital marketing campaign. It guides the customer strategy by empowering brands to know the users’ likes, preferences, behavior, and more.

You have to care about what the customers want to see and digest. In the age of search marketing (acquiring search engine traffic through paid/unpaid strategies),relationship-building and personalization are key to a successful marketing attempt; gone are those days of salespeople calling and finding cold leads. Nowadays, it is essential to get in front of the right person at the right time.

If you are hoping to find out what buyer persona is exactly and its great impacts on digital marketing in Iran, you have come to the right place.

What Is a Buyer Persona?

Generally speaking, you can think of the buyer persona as the blueprint for an ideal customer. A well-designed buyer persona will demonstrate customers’ personal narrative, including interests, buying patterns, purchase behavior, intent, etc.

Simply, a buyer persona is a semi-fictional character representing your ideal user. Creating a buyer persona requires careful work that contains market research, customer data, and some smart assumptions.

Creating your buyer persona profile and describing its unique characteristics in detail gives you a thorough understanding of your audience and addresses your marketing effort to the right and targeted people. By running prospect-oriented digital marketing campaigns in Iran, you show the target audience you know their business pains and problems and encourage them to engage with your business further.

Why Creating a Buyer Persona Is Important for Digital Marketing in Iran?

The buyer persona is positioned at the heart of any digital marketing strategy in Iran and also throughout every part of the inbound efforts. If a business cannot contextually engage with its potential customers, it will definitely lose trust and interest. Now, if the trust and interest are gone, getting them back won’t be easy.

Having one or multiple buyer personas allows a business to focus on its prospects’ challenges and pain points and provides them with a precise stream of marketing power to aim for the right individual at the right moment with the right message.

A detailed buyer persona informs a business of what its activities should be in order to help the customers. Without it, a business cannot find the right content to create and which material to share. It cannot decide how to direct digital marketing efforts in Iran. Buyer personas are the narratives, the framework helping you shape the efforts. They determine the direction of a business’s journey.

The purpose of creating a buyer persona in Iran is to know who to target and engage, who you want to delight with your content, product, and services, and eventually get on board with your community. Furthermore, a concise buyer persona helps you segment the Iranian audience and allows you to deliver accurate messaging. The more personalized you can be with the marketing and content, the easier it is to gain information and engage your target users.

 Advantages of Buyer Persona for Digital Marketing in Iran

Creating a buyer persona in Iran can have many great impacts on your digital marketing efforts, including:

1. Target Precisely

Having personas can help a business adjust and focus the content, so it is positioned to target consumers who are more interested in it. Personas provide valuable insights to be used for conveying business messages to the right person at the right time. They greatly enable you to perform market research, targeted ads, usability testing, and keyword research.

2. Engaging Format

Having clear personas gives a business the perspective and information to make objective decisions about how to create a brand message through widely accepted formats, including videos, social media posts, and articles. This way, you will create compelling content for Iranian audiences that meets your personas’ needs.

3. Deep Insight

Having precise personas help a business discover insights into audiences’ channel behavior. Where do the conversations happen? What are the topics that talk about? Where are the audiences most active? How to leverage online behaviors to increase the effect on the business and content marketing in Iran.

How to Create a Buyer Persona In Iran?

Here is a step-by-step guide on creating a buyer persona in Iran that fits your brand in the real world.

1. Audience Research

Compile audience data about your existing customers in different channels using social media analytics, customer database, Google Analytics, etc., to narrow down the details such as age, location, language, spending powers, purchasing patterns, interests, challenges, and stage of life.

2. Goals and Pain Points

People might have personal or professional goals for your business. To create a buyer personally relevant to the Iranian people, you must know what motivates them? What is their end game? What problems or hassles do they have? What is holding them from connecting with your brand? Finding answers to these questions, monitoring people’s behavior and following competitors gives you a real-time look into what people are looking for and will say about your brand online. You need to find out why they should love your product or service, or which parts of the customer experience are facing errors.

3. Solutions

Once you have a grasp on your customers’ goals and pains, it is time to provide them with the solutions. You need to think beyond your features and analyze the true benefits of your product or service and connect it with people’s lives. Features are what your service offers and what your product is or does. Benefits are how products or services make customers’ lives easier, better, and more efficient. Keep in mind Iranian customers, purchasing barrows and where they are in their buyers’ journey, and then act smartly to help.

4. Build the list

Gather your data and start to collect similar characteristics. Then group those characteristics, and you will have the basis of your customer personas. Give them a name, job title, home, and other defining features as you want them to be a real person. This is not just a list. It is a detailed and specific description of your potential customer in Iran. It lets you think about your future customer and stand as an archetype in a tangible way. Describe them as they are now and how they want to be, and start to think about how your products/services can direct them to get to that place of ambition or comfort.

So far, you learned that a research-based buyer persona represents the target audience and helps a business adapt key aspects of its sales and support unique success. Identifying the types of people who benefit from your solutions and the challenges your business helps them solve is an important effort to attract, engage and retain customers.

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