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النصائح الرائعة للتسويق الرقمي عالي الجودة في إيران

How to successfully do social media marketing in Iran

How digital marketing works in Iran

Content marketing is what connects potential customers to businesses, products, or services within their sphere of interest. Since social media is a digital platform that facilitates networking, we will expose you to concise but detailed information about how digital marketing works in Iran, and how to successfully do social media marketing in Iran.

Iran is a country endowed with millions of social media users. This gives you the possibility of reaching a large number of potential customers through digital advertising on social media platforms.

Zigma8 is a full digital service and content creation agency in Iran that is focused on teaching you everything that you need to know about content marketing in Iran. But first, let’s find out what content marketing is.

The meaning of content marketing

Content marketing is a concept that has been in existence for quite a long time now. It involves organizing and presenting words and images in an appealing manner to a pool of potential clients. This content must not only capture their attention but also trigger their interest in the product or service that you are advertising.

Therefore, we can honestly say that content is the heartbeat of any business endeavor. People are constantly searching the web for new ideas and opportunities that are consistent with their own interests. The quality of the content that these potential clients come across will greatly influence the choices they make. We must ensure that the contents we provide on the web are effectively and attractively describing our business to our target audience.

As a top digital agency in Iran with a vast amount of experience, the Zigma8 content marketing team understands that it is our responsibility to make sure all potential clients can easily find and access information on the products and services that we provide. 

Whether these people see our content directly or indirectly is not the issue. If our message doesn’t get to them, or if we don’t appear on the top of the search results after they type in a related keyword to search, then the purpose of content marketing is defeated.

For social media advertising in Iran, content can come in several forms, depending on the message that you want to get across. The content could be in graphic, pictorial, audio, or video format. It could even be in a traditional text-based format. In most cases, the content will be a blend of two or more of these formats.

Descriptions and narratives contained in eBooks, web pages, or paper presentations are examples of text content, while images and infographics are forms of pictorial content. Podcasts and visual illustrations are forms of audio and video content. A more efficient approach to creating content that is sure to captivate your audience is to blend graphics or images with words.

Content could also be in forms which communicate with your potential clients one-on-one, like in an interactive manner. Polls and surveys fall under this category.

Depending on the kind of content you are creating and the social networking medium you are using, your digital marketing content in Iran can be any of the listed formats that you find suitable.

There are so many platforms where you can run your social media marketing in Iran. Social networking platforms like Instagram, Telegram, Aparat, and LinkedIn are just a few of the numerous platforms that you can choose from.

Social media content advertising in Iran

When you think of publicity in the past, what probably comes to mind is the conventional way of advertising, like paying for a newspaper column or paying for radio/television studio airtime. But now, recent trends show that the vast majority of content marketing in Iran is done through social media advertising.

How Iranian businesses are increasingly more present online

More business organizations are starting to showcase and promote their products and services online. Social media platforms, as well as search engines like Google, help businesses to advertise and market their content.

Another great way to make your products and services known to the public is by running your own website. This option not only gives you the flexibility to strategize your own advertisement, but it also gives you full control over the amount of traffic that is drawn to your website as well.

Running a successful digital advertising campaign in Iran takes patience. You must constantly feed your audience and customers with top-notch content on a regular basis. It is also important that you keep track of your progress.

To market anything effectively on social media in Iran, you must ensure that your content is unique and easy to distribute on different social media platforms. Your content has to stir up the passion of your potential clients and leave them inquisitive for more information about what you are marketing. In content marketing, the audience is the king.

You must write content that meets the expectations of your potential clients. The more engaging your content is, the more likely they will subscribe to your service or purchase your product.

8 tips for quality digital advertising in Iran

Zigma8 is not just a top digital marketing agency, it is also a 360-degree creative communication agency in Iran. We didn’t just get there in one day. We followed a number of rules which eventually brought us to the top as Iran’s best digital marketing agency. Below are some cool tips for quality digital marketing in Iran which come from the Zigma8 content marketing team here in Iran.

Tip 1. Every business is based on a business plan. The business plan serves as a blueprint for how the business will be run. When the business plan is structured in such a way that an effective marketing strategy is put in place, then content marketing will perfectly fit into that plan.

Tip 2. Every business targets a certain set of potential customers. Your goal is to understand the needs of your potential clients, and continually provide captivating content for their consumption. The better your content, the greater your chances of winning a customer over.

Tip 3. Let your content speak the very essence of the product or service that you are marketing. Whichever format your content is taking, ensure that your customers savor every bit of information in your content.

Tip 4. Share your content. This is where all social media platforms come into play. Share your content by following your marketing strategy.

Tip 5. Create the content, but do not just copy it from somewhere else. It is important that you give priority to the uniqueness of your content. You can easily win potential customers over when your content is unique and creative. Since it is your creativity that will sell, even if similar content exists elsewhere, you still need to be innovative. Make your content quite exceptional. Let your content have a different and better ring to it, and then you are good to go.

Tip 6. If you decide to use some visual and graphical content, such as animations, videos, and motion graphics, make sure that it is clear and of high quality. It will be completely fruitless to use visual content which will make it difficult for your audience to figure out what the message is that you are trying to get across to them.

Tip 7. Watch out for large files and attachments. Internet speed varies between users, and it is possible to lose a customer who has to wait for a long time just to load your content due to a weak internet connection. Keep the sizes of your files (photos, videos graphics, or audio) reasonably low so that it can easily be loaded.

Tip 8. As the saying goes, “diligence always pays.” You simply must be deliberate and consistent to do top-quality digital advertising in Iran. Just prepare the content and begin advertising. Continue at it, and in the long run, you will start reaping the benefits.

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