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This project started to be advertised on popular social media platforms in Iran, and it was able to deliver one of the most successful digital advertising campaigns in Iran

Zigma8 Advertising Agency Shining at the Headlines of Top News Agency for Two International Awards

Zigma8, the multi-award-winning advertising and branding agency based in Iran, came across new global awning awards for “Experiential Marketing and Most Admired BTL Agency” as well as “Events & Promotion”. This had led many news agencies to name Zigma8 as a valuable local agency to bring the Iranian community into the spotlight. is a large news media company working since 2008, providing the latest analysis and reports of the most important events of Iran and the world online to its audience. In a catchy article published in April 2021, Khabaronline covered Zigma8’s great news about winning two of the most prestigious awards in the world.

To sum up, Zigma8 organized an event project for the Synergy Global Forum-2017 in Tehran’s Milad Tower Conference Center, intending to bring international speakers for the largest and most profound forum in Iran. Zigma8 was in charge of event branding, marketing, and live social media broadcasting and delivered the tasks with precision and speed. This project started to be advertised on popular social media platforms in Iran, and it was able to deliver one of the most successful digital advertising campaigns in Iran. Besides the advertising solutions, Zigma8 went for creating engaging content to attract Iranian audiences and encourage action. Finally, the event was customized and branded to be broadcasted live on various social media platforms. All the efforts directly relied on modes and methods of experiential and modern advertising in Iran. The outcome of this successful project for Zigma8 was to compete among the best of the bests in the advertising world and become the ultimate winner of Experiential Marketing and Most Admired BTL Agency in ACEF Global Customer Engagement Award (2020).

The second award mentioned in that article goes back to when Zigma8 was responsible for throwing a fancy and distinguished event for Iran’s largest aluminum can manufacturer, KACC. This grand event was planned to launch a new KACC line for manufacturing and announce a new investment round. Thanks to Zigma8’s resourceful marketing, advertising and event management, the event went well by securing over 50 million dollars in funding for expansion.

Through this grand event, we were able to create a modern experience for the highly-regarded guests using jaw-dropping visuals, innovative setups, and sensational/theatrical features. Considering the economic hardship and holiday situation in Iran at the time of the event, it cannot be overlooked that the perspicuity of Zigma8 and its marketing integration helped KACC to win the battle prominently. This project of Zigma8 was awarded the best Event (Gold) in the Events and Promotions category in ACEF Global Customer Engagement Award Winners (2020), and the Most Admired B2B Marketing agency in Asian Leaders Awards (2020).

This is a heartwarming message for us to continue the good work even during the hard times. Being one of the few Iranian advertising agencies with well-regarded accolades and global recognition makes us more responsible for aiming for higher goals and keeping the industry alive.

If you want to know more about Zigma8’s reputation, check out our Works and projects and contact us for a thorough consultation.

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