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استراتژی آژانس تبلیغاتی زیگما8 در طراحی بسته‌بندی خلاقانه

Zigma8 Win Big Among the Best Iranian Branding and Advertising Agencies

Takdaneh Fresh New Packaging Design

“…and the winner is, Zigma8!”, came the live Instagram feed announcement from Dr. Mehrdad Anvari on behalf of Takdaneh’s marketing and management team. Takdaneh is one of Iran’s leading fruit juice manufacturers and had recently put their repackaging project up for pitch among Iran’s top branding and advertising agencies such as Tetra Pak, Aftab, Iran Novin, Maat, Boland Gou to name a few. The brief was simple and the desired outcome was to be the same: to redesign the entire product range in a clean and consistent way. So how was it that our taste was to top them all?

The pitch event was held on the 4th of March and resulted in Zigma8 winning with 68% of the vote. The voting was conducted by the Takdaneh Board of Directors, its Marketing team, its Senior Sales team from various provinces as well as other marketing and design specialists.

Having successfully developed packaging for many Iranian brands as well as having redesigned many existing Iranian packs and labels, we at Zigma8 Advertising Agency were more than ready for the challenge. Over the years we’ve been able to develop an intimate knowledge of the local capabilities with respect to production, but complementing this with our strong familiarity with local tastes would prove to be our winning card.

We strategically chose to avoid any emerging international packaging design trends, doing so based on Iranian consumer insights gained on packaging designs we’ve delivered to other FMCG clients. For Iranian consumers, we continue to find that image quality is still essentially linked with production quality, for which we believed that any clever creativity would run a risk of weakening one of the brand’s claims. International image quality, however, for us was a must! We directed the internationally acclaimed illustrators to create a series of mouth-watering photorealistic images. We set these crisp illustrations to a clean background with clearly organized content which resulted in a fresh new brand identity that will stand out as much from a distance as it will up close — something highlighted in the pitch brief.

Takdaneh took a leaf out of our book, choosing to use the event as a perfect PR opportunity. Prior to the pitch day event, the fruit juice brand publicized the event across relevant Iranian Telegram channels, making a point to use Instagram to run a live broadcast to those interested or unable to attend. As the event drew to a close our CCO Dr. Mir Damoon Mir stepped up to the stage to accept the award on behalf of the Zigma8 team, telling the audience, “We’re both honored and very excited to begin working with such a great Iranian brand – I’d like to thank all the Zigma8 team in helping us achieve this important result”.

Since successfully winning the pitch, Zigma8 has gone on to implement the fresh new packaging design across Takdaneh’s expanding range of fruit juices. For our Iranian consumers reading this, we’re excited to let you know that you’ll be able to pick one off of a shelf nearby sometime soon. 

DESIGN CRUSH has featured ZIGMA8 as Top Food Package Design Agency in the Middle east for the Takdaneh Package redesign.

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