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جایگاه‌سازی برند؛ پیش‌نیازی برای فعالیت‌های دیگر برندسازی، تبلیغات و بازاریابی


What answer would you get if you asked the best ad agencies: What is positioning and how can it help increase the success of a brand?

Every effective brand has a positioning strategy that drives planning, marketing, and sales. Positioning evolves to create openings in a market that is continually changing, a market in which consumers are saturated with products and messages. Positioning takes advantage of changes in demographics, technology, marketing cycles, consumer trends, and gaps in the market to find new ways of appealing to the public.

Positioning was first introduced by Jack Trout in 1969 in an article in the magazine “Industrial Marketing” and then popularized by Al Ries and Jack Trout in their book “Positioning — The Battle for Your Mind”. In this bestseller, they defined positioning as “an organized system for finding a window in the mind”. More recently, the marketing consultant Lissa Reidel stated that “positioning breaks through barriers of oversaturated markets to create new opportunities”. However, as much as positioning is about making distinctions in markets, positioning can also be about similarity. For instance, the method of emulating positions occupied by competitors is referred to as “me too” or “copycat” positioning and can be used by businesses to challenge them on price.

As a branding agency we understand that modern-day Iran represents an attractive market for global corporations looking to do business here, and although those corporations might consider Iran as, “developing” or “emerging”, positioning for brands and products shouldn’t, therefore, be considered as simple. At Zigma8 advertising agency, we’ve worked with many brands in many markets, both inside and outside of Iran – helping our customers strategically position themselves in those volatile situations described by Al Ries and Jack Trout. We achieve this by using a structured process whereby we as a full-service agency :

  • Identify your competitors
  • Understand their positioning
  • Understand your brand or product’s position
  • Compare the two
  • Develop a positioning strategy
  • Consult with you to create a positioning statement
  • Write the positioning statement
  • Position through 360º creative communications solutions
  • This method has been adapted and adopted by Zigma8 full-service advertising agency and has proven on every occasion to get results that keep our customers coming back.
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