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Zigma8 will unpack TVC production in Iran

A Guide for TVC Production in Iran

TVC is short for a television commercial, a form of advertising that can be used to promote products, services, ideas, individuals, or organizations via the TV medium.

All advertising methods have their various benefits and pitfalls depending on the industry and business goals. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your advertising strategy incorporates an appropriate mix of the available media.

TV commercials have the potential to reach and engage mass audiences through their ability to awaken various human senses. This media has proven to be a great sales converter that generates fabulous ROI or return on investment.

In this guide, Zigma8 will unpack TVC production in Iran and provide insights on how to get the most out of this effective advertising channel in Iran.

Types of TVCs in Iran

Let’s take a look at some of the preferred and popular types of TV ads in Iran.

  • USP: The unique Personality Property ads focus on a unique product or service selling point.
  • Solve-the-problem: The one that shows a problem or a need and then demonstrates how the offering service or product solves that.
  • Analogy: Using humorous analogy or exaggerated graphics to prove a point.
  • Before and after: Showing the benefit of using a product or service and the situation before it.
  • Exemplary: Focusing on the after-effects of using a service or product.
  • Testimonial: Using a real user to show the positive experience with the viewers.
  • Celebrity endorsement: Using a celebrity or character to leverage their popularity appeal.

How to Create a TV Commercial in Iran?

A TVC needs to be of great quality, and if you want to ensure quality, hiring an advertising agency with a great production team in Iran would be the best choice. But overall, the following steps are necessary for creating a TV advertisement in Iran.

  1. Clarify your big idea and choose the one that makes people talk about your product or service.
  2. Once you have the idea, create a script that sets a sense of tone and possible direction that will make sure the message comes across clearly. 
  3. Choose whether you want people in your ad or not. People will relate to other people, so if you are using them, use professionals.
  4. Hire an advertising agency in Iran that handles all the production aspects of your ad in Iran like logistics, shooting, writing, editing, publishing, etc.
  5. Plan the shots, audio/video matching, and time to ensure flawless results.
  6. Use a call to action for your customers, which will allow you to track the success of your ad campaign.
  7. Schedule the placement of your TVC, which will determine who will see it and how much you will pay.
  8. Identify the frequency in order to ensure the maximum impact of your TV commercials in Iran. 

Challenges of TV Advertising in Iran

  • TVC productions in Iran are produced under the supervision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting or IRIB. The TV advertising system is managed by the main IRIB commercial department, which cannot be directly connected. You need an experienced advertising agency in Iran like Zigma8 to create a media plan and offer them the details.
  • TVC productions cost dramatically worldwide. But in Iran, the costs can be even beyond normal variables. Therefore, you need an experienced advertising and marketing agency in Iran that knows all the shortcuts and tricks to handle all the costs and get results even on a tight budget.
  • Advertising on satellite channels from outside Iran can be cheaper with larger audiences, but owning a satellite dish receiver is forbidden in Iran, and using them can cause serious complications for the business. Now what multinationals can use to get around these limits is to have offices outside of Iran and start campaigns on Iran satellite channels without the local Iranian office knowing.
  • To integrate an international ad campaign locally through IRIB, slogans, pack-shots, and actors can be localized to keep the essence of communication and avoid sensitive cultural terms. It is necessary to conform to certain cultural observations; therefore, a local advertising agency in Iran like us can guide clients through the process of making sure the TVCs are acceptable and won’t get rejected by the IRIB committee.

Last but not least, knowing the fact that advertising in every country requires an ultimate understanding of its culture, needs, people, behaviors, purchasing habits, etc., in order to feed them with what they are looking for or need, even indirectly. Again, nothing can be of great use like a local advertising agency that experienced this situation, knew the people, produced for them before, and achieved success.

Zigma8 can help you produce all types of TVCs to connect to your audiences in the greater international area, especially in Iran. Check out our latest works; we have worked with businesses across every industry. Our experience, knowledge, and expertise are what will take your video to the next level. Contact us today to learn how Zigma8 can take your concept and turn it into a marketing success in Iran.

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