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Here is a list related to the do's and don'ts of digital marketing

Dos and Don’ts of Digital Marketing in Iran

In the digital marketing field, there are various do’s and don’ts, especially when entering a new market.
Digital marketing is evolving and changing constantly. Therefore, what worked a few years ago might not work today. Considering everything that comes with technology development, success in digital marketing will mostly be determined by how well you pay attention to detail and strengthen your foundation.
It is important to change your strategies to the marketing trends of your target location and ensure that you are implementing the most up-to-date ways to achieve the best outcome possible.
And so, Zigma8 came up with a complete list of Dos and Don’ts of Digital Marketing in Iran that you must be aware of and which will help you achieve your targets effectively in the newly competitive market.

Most Important Dos of Digital Marketing in Iran

Here is a list related to the dos of digital marketing that will be helpful for you to understand the necessities and priorities.

1. Know Your Target Audiences in Iran

To know your target audiences, create a path for yourself, and do not follow in the footsteps of others. Start thorough research on your audience’s type and buyer’s personal. Know your target group and get an insight into their dislikes, likes, buying behavior, demographic data, and tastes based on cultural and local lifestyles. With this in mind, you can cater your product or services to the right Iranian audiences instead of a mass audience.

2. Know Your Brand and Competition in Iran

Once you know the local targets, you must know your brand and the competition around you. A strong digital marketing plan involves a strong branding strategy.

You can use your in-house digital marketer or a local branding agency in Iran like Zigma8, which is always a step ahead of the intense competition. For that, keeping a close eye on what your top competitors are doing is unzippable. Acting smart at this stage helps a new brand in the Iranian market convert as many competitors’ consumers to theirs as possible.

3. Create Original and Relevant Content in Iran

Now that you know your audience, brand, and competitors, creating a brand strategy and determining your goals and objectives is important. A successful marketing strategy in Iran would involve high-quality and original content creation and management. Create content that caters to the target audience with things they need or are interested in and build a true connection with them. Right from your website, blog, social media ads, and everything in your digital marketing plan in Iran should be tailored to your target audience. It is all about context, relevancy, and engagement.

4. Determine the Right Channels in Iran

It is a myth that brands can reach their customers in Iran only through social media. Google is the best search engine, and you should also use this platform to make sales. When you know the target market, and you have to reach them effectively, you need to find the right channel where you can communicate with them using your unique content. Identify the most used mediums and channels in Iran where your target audience is most active and serve them accordingly.

5. Run Frequent Testing and Tracking in Iran

Building a marketing strategy and running ad campaigns in Iran is not the end of the branding and marketing process. It is equally necessary to conduct tests and track the ads’ performance and progress. You can use a variety of monitoring and analytical tools to determine the ROI (Return of Investment) of your marketing efforts; therefore, you can analyze and implement corrective measures to improve your digital performance.

Most Important Don’ts of Digital Marketing in Iran

Here are a few don’ts of digital marketing you want to be mindful of.

  1. Don’t Sacrifice Quality

The most and foremost thing to follow is the quality of your content. Google or customers do not care about the number of your blog posts. They only care about the quality of the published content. Remember, consistency is important, but you do not want to bombard your target audience with low-quality content just to keep your numbers up.

  1. Manage Your Website and Keep It Updated

Your website should be updated constantly with the latest trends. Post the best content, give as much information as possible, have a user-friendly design, and maintain the quality across your website pages. Your website is undoubtedly the most crucial asset of your business, so it should be perfect in all forms.

  1. Follow Mobile Optimization

Smartphones are everywhere, and you can see daily internet use on these little palm-friendly gadgets all the time. Active mobile internet users in Iran are incredibly high. Therefore ignoring mobile optimization and forgetting mobile users can be a challenging territory. To grow a business in Iran digitally and traditionally, you must ensure that your content and visuals are mobile-friendly. Make sure your website looks and works perfectly on tablet and smartphone screens. Always keep mobile internet users in mind for all your marketing efforts in Iran.

  1. Patience, Patience, Patience

Being impatient with digital marketing efforts can even get the wisest people to do foolish things. Your digital marketing in Iran is supposed to give you results and profits instantly. This is true, but not always! Some perfect results take time, and your team must nurture each digital marketing effort to its full potential and be patient. Do not jeopardize your year-long efforts by rush decisions. For instance, SEO takes time to show desirable results, and it is not good to fall for spammy tricks and get on the Google blacklist.  

  1. Take Professional Help

Digital marketing is a vast and advanced field, and to comprehend all the aspects and execute the tasks correctly, you require a professional who knows the local market, ins, outs, tips, and tricks. Having an experienced team on your side will increase your chance of success significantly. Instead of sinking in the oceans of tasks and to-dos, you can seek help from an awarded digital marketing, advertising, and branding agency in Iran like Zigma8.

Hiring a well-versed digital marketing agency can help you manage the tasks and monitor the results to achieve your business goals. If you are looking for a helping and knowledgeable hand to enter Iran’s market, contact us, and we will provide you with a vast experience in your industry and market.

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