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The know-how on Strategic Digital Marketing in Iran

To run a campaign for a strategic digital marketing in Iran, you should have some accurate plans and SMART objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-related. Another key factor is to understand the target audience, as this leads you through every plan you implement in your marketing in Iran. It’s of great importance to know the customer behavior of Iranian people you want to target with your product or service. It necessarily doesn’t affect your other customers from outside the Iranian customers purchasing from you, more importantly, it allows you to have a concentration on distributing and creating Farsi content in a way that will echo more successfully with those who matter most.

Another important factor in strategic digital marketing in Iran is demographics. It includes factors like age and gender that play a crucial role in the persona of your target audience. Moreover, geography and lifestyle, as well as behavioral factors, are also great considerations. These factors indicate that what customers do online and offline in Iran. For instance, in terms of online behavior, we mean what kind of websites they use, what category of email newsletters they subscribe to, and undoubtedly, what social media platforms they use in Iran. We have to accept that the initial goal of content marketing is to educate, inform, entertain, and guide Farsi-speaking people in the path they take to buy a product or a service.

When we talk about strategic digital marketing in Iran, awareness stands on top. We should produce enough interest in the advantages of a product or a service to make a potential customer go through it more. The next step is the interest. Then there is desire. When a user finds more marketing material in Farsi about a product, they will have an emotional connection with that product and they will go from liking it to wanting and buying it. Now the customer enters into the fourth step which is taking action that would probably mean a purchase. Flawless Farsi marketing material meets the requirements of your Iranian potential customers when they go online and do the research. And great Farsi content supports lead generation and new customer acquisition.

At Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications, we suggest three diverse kinds of content that can be made for use on a strategic digital marketing in Iran: At first, written-Farsi content. For instance, Farsi blogs, Farsi whitepapers, Farsi guides, Farsi reports, Farsi presentations, Farsi ebooks, and books. Secondly, we have visual content like product imagery, photography, and infographics. Visual content is highly significant in making engagement and attention with your audience in Iran. The last type of content is interactive content. In this kind of content, we can suggest quizzes, calculators, polls, games, and competitions, all designed and produced in the Farsi language. You may use any of these content types on your social media updates, depending on the platform for your strategic marketing activities in Iran.

Zigma8 digital marketing strategy team will assist your brand to prepare a precise and flawless strategic marketing plan for your marketing activity in Iran. To make sure if we fit your requirements, leave us a line at our contact, or have a look at our services. Thus we will have a better mutual understanding so that we can provide you with the best material.

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