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Zigma8 won a total of 7 gold awards at the Content Marketing Creators Awards 2021 (CMCA)

Zigma8-Iran win 7 international gold awards for content marketing in Iran

We’re on cloud 9 as Zigma8 wins 7 CMCA top awards!

They say that you make your own luck in this world, and we kind of agree. Having said that, how much luck did we create for ourselves in recently winning 7 international gold awards, or were just plain lucky?

Our award-winning Iranian agency

So, yes, we recently won a total of 7 gold awards at the Content Marketing Creators Awards 2021 (CMCA), hosted by ACEF. Lucky for us, right? Well, no. We won 7 golds from a total of 12 entries, which is a great win rate. Lucky for us, right? Well, no again. We’re unable to put this down to luck because awards are mostly awarded on merit and we surround ourselves with people that elevate our merit.

So where does luck come in? We believe that it comes in as the opening sentence suggests: you create your own luck. We have simply increased our likelihood of winning. The 7 golds we won are a testament to that, and a testament to how we’ve helped our clients by increasing the likelihood of them winning.

How to be a top Iranian marketing and advertising agency

The following examples will give you a glimpse of how we’ve helped and how we’ve won.

We helped a local pharmaceutical manufacturer win by providing clear marketing communication to help improve their sales. We helped a Dubai-based, high-end, bespoke jewelry maker reach a wider audience by providing an alluring story to compliment her alluring creations. We helped an international home appliance company support consumers during sensitive customary moments in their lives. We helped an Iranian health and beauty brand fulfill the needs of Iranians during unstable times in the nation. More importantly, we helped our team stay happy and healthy during a global health scare — something that helped them, help us, with everything written above.

What it takes to be a top advertising agency in Iran

For all the above, the judges at the CMCA recognized our ability to add value — and for all the above, we have our team to thank. We have been lucky enough to have found them. We have been lucky enough that they have chosen to work with us. We have been lucky enough that they have given their all to help us help others. For the most part, we have intentionally created a lot of that luck, and this is how we have been able to create our own luck.

Words from a leading award-winning digital agency in Iran 

Dr. Mir Damoon Mir, the CCO of Zigma8, has always looked to create his own luck. Just one example is his successful acceptance for being part of the jury for the CMCA 2021 Awards. In this role, he was responsible for selecting from the many entries that were submitted mostly from top European and Asian marketing, branding, and advertising agencies. He was impressed by the wide-ranging, high-quality submissions that truly understood the value of creating inspiring and engaging online content. “I was blown away by the elevated understanding for creating content that not only appeals to the audience but provides impact”, he told us.

As one of the top marketing, branding, and advertising agencies in Iran, we will continue to create our own luck and hope that this will continue to lead to a greater win for all.

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