How an alluring brand identity can attract new audiences in Dubai and beyond

Nafeesé Alavee, brand identity creation


Italy is renowned for being the home of style, and is also the place where renowned designer, Nafeesé Alavee mastered her trade. This Iranian designer now resides in Dubai, where jewellery fanatics the world over, come and adore her exotic craft. For her rapidly expanding business, she not only needed to expand her brand identity, but needed to better reflect her unique style for her expanding audience. Her signature style is outwardly luxurious, reflecting her Italian background, but is infectiously Middle Eastern at its heart. This style borrows from a subtle and seductive Middle Eastern charm, yet is not so easily embodied beyond the jewellery itself. For this, she approached Zigma8, presenting a challenge within a challenge. Not only was she confident that we would deliver a luxurious brand identity to better reflect the brand, but she knew we’d solve the deeper challenge. This was to embody the soul of what she does — an important point of distinction that continues to unwittingly captivate her audience’s desire.

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As with any revered designer, their brand centres around their name. This can occasionally be seen as their signature, but is often signature touch upon a logo or logotype. More commonly these days logotypes will accompany an emblem, and it is here that we placed the jewel of our work. To help solve our two main challenges, Zigma8’s branding team firstly called upon their experience with conventional representations of luxury. This would be the framework by which the heart of the challenge would transpire. Already having a sensitivity with Middle Eastern motifs, the team looked to extrapolate the soul of Nafeesé Alavee’s style, by embodying its innate allure. The team weaved ancient, abstract and Arabesque depictions of the sun between representations of the tombs of ancient Persian kings. The result was an interconnected embodiment of grandeur and charm, seductively expressing the soul of our client’s brand. This work would be presented, like the jewellery itself, encased with a slogan that represented the carefully-crafted brand personality. The brand would confidently express the terms: fascination, royalty, romanticism and a sense of the bespoke. This led to the alluring slogan of, “bespoke fascination”.


Our solution not only embodied the soul of our client’s unique allure, but encapsulated the level of luxury that her audience expects. Our complete brand identity solution adorned each and every touchpoint, be it packaging and promotion, or online and on social media. It could be said that our result was much like how a princess presents herself to her public: desirable, down to the very last diamond.

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