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Out-of-home advertising, OOH, or Outdoor advertising, refers to advertising that attracts and reaches consumers outside their homes.

Out of Home Advertising in Iran: A Basic Part of Brand Launch Campaign in Iran

Interestingly, the demand for OOH advertising has remained constant over the previous years, and as we move to a new era of advertising and marketing, it is still an important component of every successful real-world advertising campaign.

A comprehensive mixture of advanced technology and digital marketing with the traditional benefits of OOH advertising has made the work of out-of-home advertising in Iran unavoidable for many brands, marketers and advertisers working or interested in Iran’s market.

In this post, Zigma8 will explore the importance and benefits of out-of-home advertising in Iran and how it can help you build a strategic plan for brand launch in Iran to achieve your business objectives.

What Is Out-Of-Home Advertising?

Out-of-home advertising, OOH, or Outdoor advertising, refers to advertising that attracts and reaches consumers outside their homes.

These advertisements are a part of above the line advertising strategy that is non-targeted and has a wide reach. The sole motive of out-of-home advertising is to increase awareness, reinforce, reassure, and direct someone towards a brand or different offerings. Out-of-house advertising can be called a shotgun marketing approach where a business might give less attention to conversion rates and more to brand engagement.

According to the American out-of-home advertising association, an average customer spends around 70% of their time outside of their homes. This can be simply seen in Iran, where people are still interested in these types of advertisements. Outdoor advertising refers to business capabilities on people’s time to publicize their offerings.

We encounter these advertisements while walking to the bus stop, driving to work, or waiting at an airport. They can be as big as billboards in the middle of squats or as small as a magnet that people may hand you as you walk by their booth in the street. Any outdoor ad that we encounter when we are out is OOH.

Types of Out-Of-House Advertising in Iran

Some of the most common OOH advertisements used in Iran today are:

  • Billboards include bulletins, digital billboards, posters, and wall murals.
  • Street Furniture, including bus stops, bus benches, newsstands, and park benches.
  • Transit ads like airports, subway, rails, buses, taxis, and mobile trucks.
  • Places-based ads like arenas, stadiums, cinemas, shopping malls, elevators, and wild postings.
  • Complimentary merchandise.
  • Blimps.

The list above is just a few of the common outdoor spots that businesses can use in Iran to optimize advertising, gain recognition, entice consumers, and accrue customers. OOH, advertisements are an effective way to reach a wider audience compared to many other advertising methods.

Why Is OOH Advertising Trending in Iran?

Out-of-home advertising is one of the oldest and most enduring advertising methods, and it is becoming more valuable and important today globally, especially in Iran. The main reason for its popularity is that out-oh-home is going digital. The new capabilities and effectiveness of the industry are driving all of the growth in the space. This is known as Digital out-of-home media (DOOH), which offers greater scales, more comfort, and conversions. Replacing physical media is consuming and a labor-intensive process; DOOH can display various ads onto a system simultaneously. But this cannot lessen the impact and attraction of OOH advertising and its impact on people’s habits.

Benefits of OOH Advertising in Iran

Out-of-home advertising is a brilliant alternative to the world of online digital advertising, right? It can have limitations like the rise of ad blockers means that digital ads’ viewability is not always perfect. Now, combine this with the amount of information that consumers are fed online, and it will be easier to understand why digital advertising is not always the best solution. Let us remind you that OOH ads are difficult to avoid. They can significantly impact people due to their size, contrast, and creativity in the real-world environment. Moreover, OOH advertising has a positive effect as a complement to digital advertising. It is a fact that many people are likely to interact with a digital ad after being exposed to an OOH ad first.

OOH Converts Viewers to Buyers in Iran

What is the main goal of marketing? Converting view of a product into sales of that product. One of the main indicators to look at when managing marketing data is how many audiences who see an ad end up buying the product.

According to the 2020 Digital OOH Advertising Report, billboards had these effects on people’s behaviors:

  • 62% of survey responders noticed the billboards.
  • 50% of study participants said they noticed billboards most or all of the time, like searching for the promoter in a search engine, opening the brands’ website or social media page, or going to their physical store.

The study results show that stress-level out-of-home advertising can be a fruitful tool for engaging the consumer and encouraging them to interact with the advertised product. 

OOH Empower All Media Advertising

OOH will attract consumers to a product and boost the traction of a product’s digital media advertising. According to a report presented by the out-of-home advertising association of America (OAAA):

When businesses added OOH to digital video platform advertising, the report increased exposure significantly.

  • +132% video streaming
  • +226% TV or smartphones apps
  • +306% downloading or streaming on cells or smartphones
  • +340% mobile video viewing

This is no different in Iran. The good news is you do not have to choose between OOH and digital media advertising in Iran because they complement each other very well. Almost everyone walking down a town or driving in the streets have a mobile device; therefore, when they see an OOH advertisement, they are most likely to look at their device to learn more about the brand or product, which will lead them to a business’s mobile media.

How to Use OOH Advertising for Brand Lunch in Iran

  1. OOH, ads can greatly impact different ad campaigns in Iran. This is due to the potential effect that it can have on consumers. OOH, campaigns cannot be ignored compared to radio, mobile, or TV, which can be turned off or moved to another channel. These ads can offer highly visual campaigns to attract consumers’ attention and allow business and brands to get their message to Iranian target audiences.
  2. OOH, advertising is a great option for creativity. Large-scale ad space is an undeniable place for creativity to thrive. Combining this with a clear and convincing message, you can have the most effective ad of all to attract Iranian consumers.
  3. OOH, advertising is extremely location-based. Therefore, you must consider where to place your ads to have the best impact. Use the location intelligently. Places with more visitors, roads with more cars, crowded squares, and prestigious malls may be better options. But the location selection is totally bound to your target audience or the type of people you want to attract.
  4. In the old days, the purchase of OOH ads was a very time-consuming process. Today, innovation, digitalization, and technology decreased the time between viewability and purchase. This means ad campaigns in Iran can be more adaptive and engage with customers’ current situations and surroundings.

These days, out-of-home advertising in Iran is stronger and more effective than ever. Since technology continues to improve, OOH’s capabilities continue to expand as well. Hopefully, this article helped you to understand the meaning, different types, and importance of OOH advertising in extending brand reach.

Keep in mind that creating eye-catching and targeted experiences is an inseparable part of finding great success in OOH advertising in Iran. Nowadays, programmatic and dynamic content is overtaking the industry, so more brands will find greater success and incredible opportunities in developing out-of-home advertising campaigns in Iran.

To understand what OOH advertising in Iran can offer you, explore our exceptional out-of-home advertising campaigns for local and international brands in Iran.

If you like to attract and engage Iranian consumers to your brand, let us help you craft and deliver engaging messaging directly to them. Zigma8, with years of flawless experience and delivering flawless OOH advertising plans to brands, can be a smart partner to introduce you to the local Iran market and pave the way for you toward Iranian consumers’ hearts.

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