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Creative Packaging for a Brand in Iran to Win the Marketplace

Impacts of Creative Packaging Design on Marketing in Iran

One of the most important things that any business must-have, no matter its size, is a distinct and relevant brand identity. A business owner wants people to see the products or services and instantly recognize them as belonging to the brand. To achieve these, businesses need to develop a brand image with which people can easily engage.

Packaging is the essential feature that embodies brand identity. It is much more than wrapping to protect against damage. Done correctly, it can sum up brand identity and reinforce customer perceptions. In other words, how a brand presents its products will determine how customers see a company and plays a big part in their decisions to buy.

But how can you influence customers with packaging? Let us elaborate on that with one of our most successful packaging design projects in Iran with Takdaneh which won the international creative award.

How to Design Creative Packaging to Achieve Advertising Goals in Iran?

Creative Packaging for a Brand in Iran to Win the Marketplace

Takdaneh is an Agro-industrial company recognized as the largest producer of fruit juices in Iran. The company was able to enter world trade, and now its products containing different fruit juice concentrate, fruit puree, pack juices, paste cans, and natural fruit juices are exported to more than 16 countries (Japan, America, Europe, etc.) worldwide.

There was a time when the company found itself lost in maintaining the top position in an expanding market. Imagine a time when the market in Iran is rapidly changing, Takdaneh is highly focused on exported goods, and all of a sudden, they decided to expand their product range. It can be chaotic and confusing to plan everything right. As a result of these significant challenges and changes, there began a fragmentation of the brand identity, which was causing them to lose their position in the market. This is where they contacted us at Zigma8 agency, a multi-award-winning creative advertising agency in Iran, to help them with their current situation and change their advertising and marketing approaches.

How to Design Creative Packaging to Achieve Advertising Goals in Iran?

At Zigma8, we conduct thorough market research analyzing the marketplace, customers’ desires, and weaknesses of Takdaneh company in grabbing the audiences’ attention. Based on what we found out, our team decided to help the company empower its brand identity and marketing strategies in Iran with clear messages and portray those in their visual communication to develop a world-class fresh new packaging identity to present an eye-catching and unified presence on the shelves of Iran’s market and more.

It is a fact that creative packaging is a great way to improve your brand identity and achieve your marketing goals in Iran. Brand identity is the image of a company in the eyes of customers. It can be influenced by various factors such as the product itself, the social media channels, etc.; still, the important thing is that brand identity is the sum of all a brand’s advertising and marketing activities in Iran.

Takdaneh juices consisted of nectar, drink, and juices. The essence of Takdaneh company was based on their products being fresh, natural, flavorful, and healthy. To combine our marketing strategies with overall packaging design ideas, Zigma8 decided to arm Takdaneh with a thoughtful, complete, and crisp packaging design containing hyper-real illustrations of the fruits.

Creative Packaging for a Brand in Iran to Win the Marketplace

For the general production line, we chose white background in order to grab the attention of buyers in any market fully. Imagine an entirely white canvas designed with sharply colored items. This allowed us to represent the freshness and tastefulness of the juices perfectly.

Therefore, we introduced Takdaneh to both Iran and the worldwide market with a personalized, world-class packaging design for each product type individually. We also print out the important descriptions of the products to help target audiences choose wisely. The result was a total success as it would cater to both logical and emotional expectations of people who can become a customer. 

Besides its general juice line, Takdaneh also owns a unique category for health and fitness seekers. These groups of people who prioritize health are more detail-oriented and sensitive. Zigma8 decided to create a distinct custom-made packaging for the health and fitness line of the company products. To appeal to customers with a more serious approach, we chose a reversed background color, black, and placed as many details as necessary to help those audiences choose at ease with knowledge.

Making the Most of Packaging Design for Advertising in Iran

Once done with the details, to ensure the quality of final results, we closely collaborated with the Takdaneh team, suppliers (Tetra Pak), etc. Controlling quality and being present in every step of the process is our exclusive signature. This involvement and integration across all teams made us guarantee high standards through all stages of packaging productions.

For us, the proof of our success is in detail, and through Takdaneh packaging design in Iran, we helped the brand win the battle in fierce advertising and marketing challenges of the market. This was seen in the reaction and experiences of the audiences in real life. They were introduced to a consistent and crisp suit of packages to quickly choose between. We believe regaining their market position was not the whole story, as Takdaneh was equipped with powerful tools and strategies to re-establish itself as a pioneer in the fruit juice manufacturing industry.

But the success didn’t stop there, and Zigma8 branding and advertising agency in Iran came top in a competition among leading agencies in Iran as the winner for Creativity in Packaging Design. And lastly, DESIGNRUSH (the popular B2B marketplace) featured Zigma8 360° creative communications agency as the top Food Packaging Design Agency in the Middle East for the Takdaneh Package Redesign in Iran.

With all that being said, if you are serious about creating a defined brand identity, you need to consider the impact you have at all the customer journey stages. Packaging is not just a simple way to get your products into customers’ hands. You need to act strategically. Zigma8 will help you take the time to invest in creative packaging that reflects the quality of your products, amplifies and enhances your brand identity, and builds a powerful connection between you and your customers. Why don’t you check out Works and Services and let us know how we can help you with what you have in mind. We would like to hear from you.

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