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Zigma8 will discuss how social media influences Iran consumers' behavior

How Does Social media Marketing in Iran Influence Consumer Behavior?

Due to digitalization and the great development of social media marketing in Iran, customer journeys have changed significantly. Iranian digital customers buy on mobile devices or directly in their social media feeds. Instagram has offered netizens almost endless possibilities to explore the digital world. Everywhere Iranian users on social media spend time, there is an opportunity to engage with brands and create a digital touchpoint. That is why customer journeys nowadays are more diverse than ever, and they arise directly in the moment of need.

Zigma8 will discuss how social media influences Iran consumers’ behavior in this blog post.

The Boundaries Between Offline and Online Marketing in Iran Are Fading

Today, consumers are not online or offline anymore, but they are both. Social media marketing in Iran is adding new channels and advertising opportunities that hardly a day goes by without a new application or digital trends. Instagram in Iran is changing customer relationships and, in some cases, prevailing business models. Mobile devices are also changing the entire interaction between consumers and companies. Product research that probably would have started in brick-and-mortar stores before is more likely to start on social media platforms. Iranian social media users search for information online regardless of whether they are at home, on the road, or already in a physical store. Although classic advertising measures may still have as much of an impact on online sales, there is no longer a vivid distinction between online and offline customers. The entire media usage behavior is constantly changing.

Social media, especially Instagram, has occupied an important position as a communication tool in Iran. Iranian users on social media use it to connect to other people and organizations. Therefore, information is consumed by many people, and this information becomes a source of influence in consumers and their buying behavior. It is proven that online users rely on the information and reviews on social media as a guide for planning their future purchases. It is worth mentioning that the post-pandemic events of the past three years led Iranian social media users to rely on social channels to converse, engage, and transact.

Iranian Social media Users Are Buying Directly from Instagram.

Instagram is a popular social media in Iran, nearly as desired as TV or radio. Online consumers try to learn about brands on their social media pages, discover products and buy what they find attractive. Therefore, social commerce sales increased through this digital revolution significantly. Although people were unsure about these purchases, social distancing, remote work, and meeting daily needs let them build trust and become fans of these online stores. Instagram is an excellent place for business as it meets consumers exactly where they spend most of their time. Checking Instagram feeds has become a daily routine like drinking water.

Social media in Iran opens a new horizon for many businesses to grow their digital presence, bring convenience to consumers, and present their products and services with practical approaches. Different brands can deliver targeted messages and seamless purchase experiences to buyers in only one place. Digital marketing solutions in Iran cover a vast section of online markets on Instagram by using ads, influencer marketing, KOL (key opinion leaders) marketing, evangelism marketing, etc.

Iranian Social media Users Are Following People’s Conversations on Instagram.

Instagram conversations are social proof for increasing a make-or-break factor in Iranian digital users buying decisions. Many users read reviews and comments on social media to evaluate a brand and its services or products before they decide whether to trust them or not. All it takes to destroy years of effort is to receive some dissatisfied comments, which will definitely drive any potential customers right away.

Believe it or not, even high-budget TV or out-of-home advertising cannot deliver what social media marketing in Iran can offer for less money. These unfiltered opinions of previous consumers will lead new users to trust the authenticity of a brand much more easily. Peer feedback is key for businesses to gain reputation and start to grow. Digital users on social media in Iran follow new accounts through word-of-mouth, and every comment is an opportunity to reflect on how a brand can improve its digital presence by simply sharing a satisfactory review broadly with other audiences. 

Iranian Social media Users Are Interacting with Brands Through a Two-way Engagement.

Instagram created an additional dimension to the business-consumer relationship. Before that, a brand was a faceless remote entity seen in traditional ads and search engine searches. But today, having access to a brand’s social network helps Iranian digital consumers on social media to gauge businesses’ values, news, offerings, and the relationship they have with their audiences. Liking, following, commenting, and sharing are great ways for consumers to engage with a brand. They can show their satisfaction, their love and ask what they have on their minds. This means having a social media account or selling a product or service online is not enough. In order to grow, businesses need to interact with their customers in memorable ways.

Instagram puts a face on a brand and gives it relatable characteristics. It allows a brand to showcase its special attributes, unique selling propositions, and brand personality. There are plenty of digital marketing trends on Instagram that will be a starting point, such as asking questions, polls, and Q&As. When a brand reaches the level of perfect authenticity, social media users in Iran will choose it over competitors and bond with it. Businesses can drive loyal customers by listening to people discussing their needs and delivering promises. 

It is never too late to start the perfect online presence and build a two-way relationship with your customers. Analyzing trends across social media marketing in Iran, you can understand what to expect. Be aware of what they like and what they don’t. Listen to their voices, complaints, and needs. Also, keep an eye on your competitors to overview what is happening in the market.

Finally, keep in mind that brands and businesses cannot ignore the effects of social media in Iran on consumer behavior. If you are looking forward to renovating your social media presence, Zigma8, with result-driven marketing projects, is here to elevate your brand and build you a brand identity that cannot be underestimated.

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