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how much digital marketing campaigns in Iran have influenced marketers' success

How Are Digital Marketing Campaigns Changing the Ways Iranian Marketers Communicate?

People’s lives are becoming easier thanks to advancing technology and global internet access. Today, the Internet’s importance and power in business success should not be ignored since it benefits almost all small to large businesses.

And one of the most powerful methods in this approach is digital marketing campaigns. As a B2B company, you understand the importance of this method and are well aware that global digital ad spending will exceed $389 billion by 2021. This 17% increase over 2020 indicates the growing relevance of digital marketing campaigns in the business world.

In recent years, digital marketing in Iran has grown significantly despite the many restrictions. It is estimated that approximately 70% of Iranian marketers use digital marketing campaign strategies. So, let’s see how much digital marketing campaigns in Iran have influenced marketers’ success.

The Growth of Online Marketing Global

B2B communication has altered as a result of digital marketing methods. You should use up-to-date digital marketing strategies to meet the expectations of your target audience. Every business needs a specific online marketing strategy and plan, which expert digital marketers should develop. Under these conditions, the relationship of B2B companies, as well as other businesses with target customers, will be significantly improved. The result is more sales and more profitability.

Global markets and enterprises have recognized the significance and utility of this strategy, and the international cost of digital advertising is expected to reach $526.17 by 2024. Do you know the reason for this increase? According to Google, companies who adopt a digital marketing strategy have a 2.8 times higher revenue growth expectation, which is a significant figure. In addition, they are 3.3 times more likely to increase their workforce and business. Now let’s see how the digital marketing campaign strategy in Iran has helped Iranian marketers.

Significant Growth of Digital Marketing in Iran

Iran has a population of about 84 million, and about 59.16 million of them use the internet. In other words, 68.5 percent of the population uses the internet for various reasons, including business, commerce, leisure, E-banking, and E-government.

That’s why many business owners have realized that hiring digital marketing experts may help them make a significant profit. The presence of specialists and the growing demand and desire of clients to do business over the internet have fueled the growth of digital marketing in Iran. According to surveys, the share of digital advertising in Iran is 14% and is growing day by day.

Digital advertising spending in Iran in 2019-2020 reached 29,000 billion Iranian Rials. Compared to previous years, there was a considerable increase, and Iranian marketers made 2 to 3 times more profit. It is estimated that the cost of marketing campaigns will reach $146 billion by 2023, with an annual growth of 9%.

Digital Marketing Campaigns Strategy in Iran

A digital marketing campaign is a set of advertising activities that are done over a period of time with a specific budget to send a particular message to the target audience. In all stages of digital marketing, brand awareness is a principle. When it comes to hiring, Iranian companies value candidates with experience in digital marketing. For their campaigns, they apply the most up-to-date techniques and strategies.

As you know, digital marketing campaigns are run through various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  Iranian digital marketing companies cannot use worldwide CPC panels for internet advertising; however, there are multiple high-quality internal CPC panels. Companies implement the best digital marketing campaign strategy in Iran locally according to global standards and innovative tactics.

Designing a Digital Marketing Campaign in Iran

The digital marketing campaign strategy in Iran has paved the way for marketers to reach the target audience and turn leads into potential customers. This is the only thing that all small and large business owners desire, and it has become a reality thanks to powerful digital marketing in Iran.

There were 36.00 million social media users in Iran, and this is a good platform for implementing a digital marketing campaign in Iran. Digital marketers carefully follow the steps below to create a professional and up-to-date campaign:

1 – Specifying the Purpose of The Campaign

Digital marketing campaigns can have different goals: increasing brand awareness, increasing sales, increasing user engagement, and introducing new products or services. This is the most critical step in developing an effective digital marketing campaign strategy.

2 – Identifying the Target Audience

They consider everything related to the business’s target audience, such as age range, favorite social media, gender, interests and priorities, and geographic region. Failure of a campaign is more likely if these factors are ignored. Because you have arranged your job for them and if you lose them, you have no chance to progress.

3 – Determining the Budget

Digital marketers allocate a budget based on the platform that will be used to run the campaign. This requires a lot of experience, as allocating a big budget does not always guarantee success. Once the campaign budget is determined, you can more easily choose the proper advertising and marketing tools.

4 – Evaluating Existing Media in Digital Marketing

They carefully examine previously used digital media for online advertising, such as websites, blogs, social media marketing in Iran, and so on, to determine which platform has received the most feedback. This is a great way to design a strategy because one of them can be used in a campaign.

5 – Analyzing Data

Finally, digital marketers analyze the data provided to them during a campaign. They can discover many strengths and weaknesses of the strategy and use them to improve their plan. Data analysis is one of the steps that digital marketers believe is essential to moving forward with their goals and strategy.

Benefits of Implementing a Digital Marketing Campaign in Iran

In today’s business and advertising world, no business owner will use traditional or non-digital advertising strategies. Because of the following benefits of digital marketing strategies:

•             Real-Time Marketing Results

•             Cost-effective

•             Brand Recognition

•             Interactivity and feedback

•             Target marketing

•             More sales and more profit

The Best Digital Marketing Campaign in Iran

In recent years, digital marketing in Iran has grown significantly. These digital marketing campaigns have made Iranian marketers very successful today, claiming to generate more sales and profits than previous years. However, running a successful campaign requires skill and experience, not given to inexperienced employees. A successful digital marketing campaign should have the following characteristics:

•             Having experts in the field of the online marketing program;

•             Delivering the advertising goal to the customer without complexity;

•             Optimizing your website;

•             Making the product brand look different;

•             Creating interaction

All these features in advertising campaigns allow you to sell your products in the best way and become famous worldwide. Choosing the right advertising agency is very important for designing a digital marketing campaign because the right plan can make you and your brand recognized globally.

Our digital marketers at Zigma8 can do all of the above and define the best digital marketing campaign strategy in Iran for your business. Zigma8 is a full-service advertising agency in Iran that offers all advertising and marketing services to brands. Trust our team to make your business famous in the global market. If you need more information or consultation, feel free to contact us.

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