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Introducing a New Coin to the Crypto Market with an Integrated Marketing Plan in Iran

How to Design a Branding Strategy in Iran for a New Cryptocurrency?

With the advancement of blockchain technology, more and more people have begun to think about ways to benefit from cryptocurrencies. This curiosity also spread in the business world as many companies decided to create their own blockchain or cryptocurrency. Many business analysts foresee a big future and a growing list of markets and industries affecting the blockchain. In this field, early adopters are the winners.

Starting a cryptocurrency will allow businesses to get a whole set of powerful marketing tools and consumer benefits, which will help them differentiate themselves from the competition. Accordingly, a Swiss crypto bank decided to launch its new coin with the multi-award-winning branding agency, Zigma8. This branding project was a total success for both parties, and this is a closer look into how our powerful brand design in Iran meshed technology and crypto into a unified brand identity to put out in a global market.

Introducing a New Coin to the Crypto Market with an Integrated Marketing Plan in Iran

The LGR global bank of Switzerland is a great business known for being a famous partner in end-to-end finance and a leader in the B2B digital money movement. To support the supply-chain finance of old silk road countries and to create a way for Iranian traders to trade with China easily, they established their own cryptocurrency, the Silk Road Coin AKA SRC. Despite progressing the new coin, LGR global did not know how to introduce it to the cryptos market. 

So the LGR global was in dire need of a strategic and dependable solution to communicate the new enterprise to the market and gain trust. At the time of this project, introducing a new coin and attracting attention was quite a struggle. Therefore, LGR global wanted a clear-cut vision, a thorough mission, and a reassurance policy to gain trust and convince investors to fund the new enterprise. Our job was to make sure LGR global would successfully present and pull off the new coin.

Establishing a Branding Strategy in Iran to Gain Trust and Attention

Establishing a Branding Strategy in Iran to Gain Trust and Attention

Today, everyone is more and more concerned with corporations and companies behaving more responsibly, pushing brands to focus on trust strategies.

When it comes to financial processes, they are directly dependent upon trust between all parties involved. This challenge was more daunting for LGR global at the time because cryptocurrency was just a few years old.

Consequently, Zigma8’s professional branding advisors decided to create a brand design strategy in Iran to encompass audiences’ entire experience with the new SRC from the beginning to using it. We decided to design a brand identity for SRC and empower the foundation of the brand image with a top-quality logo. This would also help LGR global grow all their business on all channels with a credible and consistent identity.

To build a solid brand identity, we decided to highlight the background meaning of the name. The Silk Road Coin was derived from the famous ancient passage of trade that connected the East and West by passing through Iran. Silk Road was selected for it portrayed a great historical story of how the Silk Road affected trading and emphasized its vital location. This was the differentiator for us to focus on. We took the essence of the name and embodied a fabulous manifestation of it in an illustrative logo.

Logo Design As a Part of Brand Identity plan in Iran

The first step toward success is the logo design. We started our brand design in Iran by leading the business toward total success with a groundbreaking logo design. Instead of using the same old visuals overused in the cryptocurrency market, our designers represented the name’s heritage. Zigma8 employed memorable historical trade symbols and graphics to narrate Silk Road’s antiquity, rich source, and authorize its historical roots with ancient iconography and early typography versions. Red and gold colors were our final choices as they represent power, courage, extravagance, wealth, and excess. This is what we wanted for the SRC to be remembered as a symbol of power and money.

 To help cement reassurance, we take a step further and create the ideal communication material for SRC and help them with the brand identity in every touchpoint, especially the online presence. To top it all off, we won the game by creating the enterprise’s white-paper addition and artistic video production to finally establish a solid foundation to promote the brand in Iran and other targeted nations.

This is how our comprehensive branding strategy helped SRC to feel confident enough to represent itself among investors, achieve a universal level of acceptance, and be listed on many online exchanges as a great player in the field. In fact, this happened because we value detail, think outside of the box, and understand the true essence of the business. Once technical visions are combined with artistic approaches, success is the end of our story.

All this emphasizes that brand identity sets a brand apart from an endless sea of competitors and shows audiences who it is and what they can expect from choosing it. So, if you want your brand to be perceived in a positive light, it is crucial that you nail your brand identity first and then create designs that precisely portray who you are to your industry, field, and audiences. To start designing, go through our Services and successful Works to learn all about what you need to do. Contact us if you are ready to conquer the world.

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