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How to do a best billboard advertising in Iran?

Billboard advertising in Iran-the most important touchpoint of brands

The main official media with great effectiveness in Iran is outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising or billboard advertising in Iran is a term related to many categories like billboards, bridge boards, uni-pole, lampposts, strawboards, kiosk banners, bus advertising, LED billboards, sidewalk stands, and different outdoor media in different crowded locations like malls, sports complex, etc.

If you are planning to make a buzz in a city in Iran, the best official media to make the impact is outdoor media advertising. The price of billboard advertising in Iran varies from $2500 in small cities to $35,000 in Tehran per month.

To reach the best coverage and best market position for the brand we usually use a mix of different outdoor advertising media choices. For example, a huge billboard in one of the main highways of Tehran is very expensive but it would make a great reputation for a brand. On the other hand, lampposts, in comparison to billboards, are cheap and we can have good geographic coverage with many of those.

It is important to execute an integrated advertising camping with extra focus on the outdoor media mix to reach the brand goals. Nowadays almost all of the advertising campaigns in Iran are 360-degree advertising campaigns. It means we use all the available media to communicate the message and we don’t just stick to one kind of media like billboard advertising. We use TV channels, radio channels, newspapers, magazines, billboards, print, social media, online advertising, and PR in our advertising media plan for advertising campaigns in Iran.

Another important point of executing a billboard advertising campaign in Iran is having the artworks ready for each campaign and making them suitable for each media from different aspects like size, layout, print, and extra features like 3D, etc. And after all the pre-production and the material production, it is now the time for supervision on the perfect installation of each printed artwork in the correct place with the correct timing of cycle in case the campaign includes multiple artworks.

The last step is monitoring the billboards each day and providing the client with a photo, reporting of each billboard in the campaign, because according to our experience, many problems might happen to the billboards, from being torn out to being dropped due to strong winds or rainstorms. In any case, we need to reprint and replace the banner asap before people notice the damage.

Our experience in billboard advertising has taught us that we must be attached to our campaign from start to the end and be available at each and every step to check everything is going exactly according to the plan. From the quality of print and colors matching the brand guidelines to installation, and everyday monitoring of all the billboards.

As a full-service advertising agency in Iran with a branding agency soul in our heart, we know well how important is each and every touchpoint for a brand and how we should look after it from start to the end. To make sure what we can do for your outdoor and billboard advertising campaign in Iran, please drop us a line at our contact.

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