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ما، آژانس تبلیغاتی زیگما8، یک شرکت تبلیغاتی خلاق و تنها عضو ایرانی انجمن 4A’s هستیم

4As Membership

What becoming a member of 4A means to us at Zigma8 creative branding agency, and how it can benefit your business with us.

Zigma8 | 360º Creative Communications is the first Iranian agency to become a member of the 4A’s”, is what it says on the acceptance letter we received from New York in December 2015. It’s official: we have been selected as a new affiliate member of the long-standing and prestigious American Association of Advertising Agencies – an association that will celebrate its 100th birthday next year. It is with great pride that not only we announce this, but tell you how this is a big plus point for both us at Zigma8 and our clients.

Being an affiliate member not only comes with international recognition, but access to resources that can help us better solve our client’s communications briefs. 4A was established to provide leadership, advocacy and guidance to its members, but more specifically it offers research services that can provide the vital difference in results. By offering a “toolbox” to its members with propriety databases of articles, demographic data, creative work, industry statistics, original research, surveys and white papers, it is clear to see how being a member adds up equally as much for you too.

In a year where trade relations between Iran and America took a positive step forward, we welcome this acceptance and look forward to the multiple results gained from the wealth of knowledge and experience 4A has to offer to the Iran’s advertsing and marketing industry.


“The 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies) is the national trade association representing the advertising agency business in the United States. We are focused on keeping the advertising industry prepared for the future, and promoting the value of advertising in stimulating business and the economy.
We are a management-oriented organization that provides leadership, advocacy, and guidance to the advertising community in critical areas such as agency operations, compensation, business development, talent management, government policy, and technology.
Our membership produces approximately 80% of the total advertising volume placed by agencies nationwide. Although virtually all of the large, multinational agencies are members of the 4A’s, more than 50% of our membership bills less than $10 million per year.”
Prepping for a big pitch? Looking for information to support a recommendation to a client? Call 4A’s Research Services. As a 4A’s member, you have unlimited access to our full-time team of information specialists who will partner with you to meet all your secondary research needs. Our toolbox contains proprietary databases of articles, demographic data, creative work, industry statistics, original research, surveys, and white papers.”

What is 4A’s?
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