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These are ten pieces of marketing advice to use in Iran that can go a long way toward helping many businesses achieve their business goals.

Essential Marketing Advice in Iran

There is no doubt that marketing in Iran and localized strategies are crucial to the success of various businesses, no matter what industry you are in. So what digital marketing tips and tricks can you apply to gain better results in Iran’s market?
These are ten pieces of marketing advice to use in Iran that can go a long way toward helping many businesses achieve their business goals. Let us dive in.

Why Is Marketing Important?

Before we get into Zigma8’s expert advice, there is a crucial thing you should know: the importance of marketing for any business. The pandemic and the digitized world around us pushed many businesses to see the value in marketing and digital marketing to attract new customers.
Why is digital marketing growing? Because digital marketing helps businesses directly see what people want. With the development of digital marketing data, tools, analytics, and marketing software, it is far easier to see and cater to current online behaviors. It enabled us to gain treasured insights into the customer’s mind.

Best Marketing Advice In Iran for 2023

1. Market Research
When launching a new brand, you must understand the existing offerings in the local market. If you have direct competition, where is the best part to start? What are the pain points of customers? Understand the target market and its needs before spending on any marketing campaigns.

2. Buyer Persona
Identify your target market and describe the exact type of your customers’ persona. Collect accurate information about their age, interests, needs, location, gender, demographic, and other important traits. This will help you determine the best way to reach your targets.

3. Price Research
Pricing research and case studies allow businesses to find the acceptable price point for a new product. Gathering price information from the current market will help you craft your own business and marketing strategy.

4. Content Creation
Providing valuable content can help you draw organic traffic to your website. Blogging, vlogging, and podcasting can help you build up subscriber bases. Businesses will equate marketing with pay-per-click ads, campaigns, or TV commercials but content creation and offering helpful content can benefit you significantly in the long run.

5. Social Media
Social media is getting more viral every day, and social media content can reach customers in a more personal, intimate, and better way than any type of ad. Creating social media content helps businesses build trust and loyal relationships with customers, who can turn into their ultimate brand ambassadors.

6. Marketing Tools
Use marketing tools to track your customers, revenue, and budget, and manage sales metrics, open email rates, customer service requests, and many other functions. This is the best way to expand your marketing efforts and increase your market share.

7. Mobile Optimization
Optimize your website for smartphones. As a business owner, you must know that today’s e-commerce takes place on smartphones, both web browsers and applications. Create a marketing strategy that accommodates customers who mostly access the internet using their phones. Make sure your website loads smoothly on a smartphone

8. Positive Words
Promote positive word of mouth through your community and customers. Most consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues over any other form of marketing. Value great customer experiences to promote their story with your brand and gain public attention.

9. Result Analysis
Do not forget to audit your results and keep adjusting. Consult with your marketing team to review sales numbers, subscriber growth, and other important metrics. Once you analyze your data, use retargeting methods to reach an even wider number of new customers. Running a marketing campaign is just the beginning, and you need to always assess and refine your plan for a better result.

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