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Why Is Go-to-Market Strategy Important to a Brand?

Develop Go-to-Market Strategies in Iran to Ensure Your Marketing Plan Success

When it comes to marketing strategies, you need the right mixture of approaches. Imagine you are making a hit record: there will be tons of instruments, producers, and professionals, but which combination will give you the distinct sound that attracts your audience?

The strategic combination of marketing approaches is what makes your brand unforgettable. That is why every growing business needs a go-to-market (GTM) strategy that is tailored to its unique requirements. A great strategy will captivate audiences with a new product, brand relaunch, fresh service, or just a business extension to another market. Here, we are going to walk you through some of the most common go-to-market strategies in Iran; inbound, sales enablement, account-based marketing, and demand generation. But first, let us make sure you know what you may not know.

What Is a Go-to-Market Strategy (GTM)?

A go-to-market strategy is a step-by-step plan designed to properly and successfully launch a product to market. GTM identifies a target audience and outlines a marketing and sales plan. Generally, it will demonstrate a key market pain point and position the product as a solution. 

You should include strategic planning, product testing, competitive research, and innovation to manage expectations for a detailed schedule. Every business needs a GTM strategy that enables its overall success metrics, ROI, and sustainable growth.

Why Is Go-to-Market Strategy Important to a Brand?

Creating a go-to-market plan prevents many mistakes and oversights. It won’t guarantee to prevent failure, but it can help businesses manage expectations and work through any issues before investing in bringing a product to market. A GTM based on your budget and buyer persona is what you need, which fits the different aspects of Iran’s market.

Find out About Go-to-market Strategies in Iran

GTM, the step-by-step guide, must include the following critical parts:

Product market fit

What are the problems that the product will resolve for the Iranian consumer?

Target audience

Who will welcome the product? What are the pain points that the product can alleviate in Iran? Considering the customer behavior in Iran, how much are the target audiences willing to pay for a solution?

Competitive demands

Who is already offering what you are launching? Is the Iranian market oversaturated?


Through which mediums will the product be sold?

It is good to know the individual traits of each and not get bogged down in words. Now. Let’s break down the most common go-to-market strategies in Iran.

Most Common Go-to-market Strategies in Iran


One of the most effective go-to-market strategies in Iran is an inbound strategy. It utilizes many marketing approaches in the Persian language, including content marketing, blog, events, search engine optimization, social media, etc., to create exceptional brand awareness and attract new audiences at every stage of the buyer’s journey. It offers the path to target the right audiences at the right time with the right digital content. The results of this method happen over time, and it will speed up the ROI.

Sales Enablement

Another great go-to-market strategy in Iran is the sales enablement method. This strategy focuses on increasing sales results and productivity by offering coaching services, training, and content for salespeople for every sales cycle stage. This way, front-line sales managers, sales representatives, and all-around sales teams will benefit. It is to support the team first and foremost.

Account-based Marketing

In the category of go-to-market strategies in Iran, there is a strategy called account-based marketing. This method offers excellent features of B2B marketing in which sales and marketing teams meld their expertise to locate, target, engage with, and finally close deals with high-value accounts through cross-channel campaigns, technology, professional content, and more. This strategy is useful for businesses that have an eye on the bigger catch. Once landed, the ROI will be quickly improved according to the existing demands in Iran’s market.

Demand Generation

Demand generation strategies contain a wide range of marketing activities that can offer more outbound or sales-centric strategies using assets such as emails, list buying, TV commercials, sponsored events, etc. This go-to-market strategy in Iran is mainly used as a combination of approaches. The technology and the audiences’ privacy preferences have changed, so marketers have many great elements to employ and ensure success in Iran’s market.

Creating a go-to-market strategy and implementing it requires conducting some major market research. Your business must answer and identifies what the business case is, what is your market strategy, what is your pricing strategy, what is your sales strategy, what is your external marketing plan, what is your support system and how it works, and what your product is and how it fits in with your portfolio, and what is your definition of success.

Get Ready to Bring a Product to Market

When you are bringing a new product into the market, you are in a do-or-die battle. If you put the time into designing a solid and thorough go-to-market strategy following the framework we outlined, you will be able to grow your company successfully in Iran. Believe it or not, by doing the work upfront, you will be playing chess while the rest are playing checkers.

If you are on your way to launching a product or service, check out Zigma8’s branding services to decide wisely. To fully understand the nature of this matter, you can go through two of our incredible projects, Baic, Estar, Moringa EMO, and SRC. Follow our blogs for more tips on entering Iran’s market strongly. 

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