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Finding Marketing Success in Iran for a Household Cleaning Brand

Selda; Developing a Marketing Plan in Iran by Designing a Brand Identity for Household Cleaning Products

Brand identity combines what a brand says, its values, how it communicates the service/products, and what it wants people to feel when they interact with it. A brand identity is the personality of the business and a promise to customers.

When Selda, the household hygiene manufacturer, decided to enter the local market, they needed to overcome crucial challenges to introduce their products impressively and pleasingly. They needed an advertising and marketing agency to build the brand, from creating brand identity, visual elements, packaging, and communication to marketing strategies. Zigma8 | 360° creative communications joined the brand and helped them immediately gain market share in Iran with a successful marketing plan.

Developing a Unique Brand Identity in Iran; The Foundation of Advertising and Marketing in Iran

Creating a brand identity requires a compelling brilliant logo design and a solid manifesto. While each of these elements contributes to brand identity, they cannot define it completely. At Zigma8, our first step toward creating a brand identity is based on the idea that identity is a business’s full summation. It is everything that makes a company the unique entity it is, or it should be. 

When Selda approached us, they were facing various difficulties, and they wanted a creative branding and advertising agency in Iran that would not only help them shine out in a competitive market but gain a clear voice among the international competitors.  

Developing a Unique Brand Identity in Iran; The Foundation of Advertising and Marketing in Iran

The design will build the brand identity of a company, and the corporate design assets are the tangible elements that will determine how a brand is perceived—things like logo, pet design, label design, POSM design, web design, social media, and business cards. Therefore, we helped to build a successful business that accurately represents who Selda is as a brand. We also find the best marketing strategy for Selda to take the brand business to the next level. 

Selda was about to compute various long-established household products (local and international), and we categorized our marketing strategy in Iran into specifically detailed sections. We started from the ground up and locked the basics of design structure, and defined the building blocks of our brand identity plan

Zigma8 considers the logo the cornerstone of the brand identity. We opted for a logo that communicates Selda’s values and competitive advantages. We wanted a classic and visually appealing logo that fits the industry’s standards and makes a lasting impression on the target audiences. 

We found the perfect logo for Selda by going for two core features of the products; nature and cleanliness. Our design team symbolized cleanliness with water drops and nature with leaf signs. We used a circle to create a feeling of community and a rectangle to show strength and trustworthiness. There we had a perfect logo that manifested the brand in the best way possible. Their products are manufactured with natural materials to ensure the health and offer the cleanliness people are looking for. We matched the logo with Selda’s typography both in Farsi and English in script form.

Researching for a Winning Marketing Strategy in Iran

The Zigma8 team conducted thorough research around the customers’ perceptions and insights about household cleaning products. We analyzed the market and found the parts we needed to focus on. The results were used to create a perfect packaging experience to distribute the products. We created the container shapes and specified their colors and texture to fit the brand perfectly. 

We were able to build a unique visual language for the labeling using graphics and best practices of the industry to help people at the point of purchase and use as well. We took a step further and planned to unify other parts of the brand by offering POSM (Point of Sale Materials) and BTL activities. Zigma8 created a story for Selda from scratch, appealing to the target audience at every level of their decision-making. 

Finally, to top it all off, we finalized the marketing project in Iran by introducing various brand characters to personify human emotion used in different situations narrating different stories. Zigma8 also helped the brand content creation and social media marketing in Iran which was a great way to establish a connection with the consumers.

Finding Marketing Success in Iran for a Household Cleaning Brand 

Finding Marketing Success in Iran for a Household Cleaning Brand 

When all the building blocks were figured out, our design team at Zigma8 agency brought the brand identity to life and translated Selda as a household cleaning products manufacturer into tangible design assets that could be used in marketing. 

As a matter of fact, all these efforts had led Selda to enter the market and stand taller than the competitors. Our integrated marketing strategy in Iran consists of comprehensive solutions from A to Z of advertising and promoting this brand, equipping it to compete for local and international competitors with its authentic feel and holistic appearance.  

At Zigma8 advertising and marketing agency, we define your brand by its assets, including name, logo, website, and even the communication strategy. We make sure that when you decide who “you” are, it is done with a thorough understanding of your position, competitors, customers, and your future! 

If you need to develop a consistent message and visual identity to reinforce your mission, let us care about your needs at Zigma8. Check our Works to know how we do it like a pro as the most creative multi-award-winning agency in Iran. With our marketing solutions in Iran, we will help your customer develop a deeper level of trust and be more likely to purchase what you are selling. We show you how to integrate your brand into every aspect of customer experience, from shelf, website, to personal interactions. Contact us for more!

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