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Zigma8 won the gold ACEF award in the category of online media creativity for its website relaunch.

Zigma8 Creative Website Design Ended Up Winning Gold ACEF Awards, Again!

Zigma8 is the true example of “Practice what you preach”! Not so long ago, Zigma8 won the gold ACEF award in the category of online media creativity for its website relaunch.

As the top Iranian marketing agency with multiple international projects and various awards for online creativity and growth, our website needed to function on many levels to appeal to, inform, and inspire different types of businesses. Therefore, it was time to design our website to manifest what we believe in branding and advertising; we insisted on making it picture-perfect. We opt for genuine creativity, and we believe this has resulted in our website being successfully communicative to our wide range of audiences.

Our journey seemed pretty daunting since we were not about to settle for good. We wanted everything to be excellent, navigating all the right tools, being a whizz with layout and positioning, and, more importantly, fading every aspect in order to obtain creative freedom. Let us take you through how we did it.

To conclude simply, we defined our purpose and strategy, researched the popular trends, decided on the platform and branding, added in and optimized content, published the website, and analyzed and improved it along the way.

From the first day, we knew our challenges. As a leading advertising, branding, and marketing agency in Iran, we needed a channel to inspire and inform national and international potential customers. We needed to stand out among the local talents and other options available globally. And also, we wanted to take care of everything in a unique way to stand above world-class technologies.

We clearly understood the multinational of our user base; therefore, we aimed to please and inspire all of them at once. The Zigma8 website was designed based on the purpose of introducing something inspiring and informing at the same time using the trendiest color pallets, frames, and navigations. We developed our website by adding different categories for audiences to effortlessly find what they are looking for. This was done by classifying our works and services in detail. We went beyond the expected computer language and made our content literally the king!

Our blog and other descriptive, inspiring, and informative pictorial or written content were published and optimized per each language’s descript to make our users feel genuineness and perfection in every corner of our website.

All these aside, what helped us the most was implementing thorough and next-level search engine optimization strategies. We achieved an acceptable level of proficiency on both human and computer language levels. Blending trendy designs, hands-on content, SEO, keyword targeting, and constant optimization gave us the solid structure you can now see as the face of our brand, the Zigma8 Website.

Creating immersive experiences through interactive codes, publishing specifically targeted content, and offering demanded services turned our website into a practical resource for anyone looking for high-tech advertising, branding, and marketing solutions in Iran and around the world.

The Zigma8 website now delivers numerous inquiries from clients. Moreover, It receives resumes from the best talent available in the local and international market, contact us. Nothing can make us more proud than being a great example of what we offer to our clients.

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