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Brand strategy in Oman is made on an insight that is aligned with organization strategy


Top advertising agencies know the answer: Why is brand strategy essential for any business and how is it defined?

Effective brand strategy provides a central unifying idea around which all behavior, actions, and communications are aligned. It works across products and services and is effective over time. The best brand strategies are so differentiated and powerful that they deflect the competition. They are easy to talk about, whether you are the CEO or an employee.

The brand strategy builds on a vision that is aligned with business strategy, then emerges from a company’s values and culture, and reflects an in-depth understanding of the customer’s needs and perceptions. Brand strategy defines positioning, differentiation, competitive advantage, and a unique value proposition.

Connie Birdsall, Creative Director at the internationally renowned branding agency Lippincott, sums it up simply by saying that, “the best brand strategy is developed as a creative partnership between the client, the strategist, and the designers.” This is a view that we at Zigma8 full-service advertising agency in Iran not only share, but also put into practice. We are happy to work with our customers in defining brand strategy – helping them to understand their business objectives before establishing their brand’s positioning. Only then, when we have that simple and central unifying idea, do we move forward in integrating and implementing results-oriented creative solutions that add up.

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