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What is a Tagline and how does it fit into your company’s Brand Identity?

Taglines influence consumer’s buying behavior by evoking an emotional response. A tagline is a short phrase that captures a company’s brand essence, personality, and positioning, and distinguishes the company from its competitors.

A tagline is not to be confused with a slogan – the latter is used in advertising and therefore products and services, whereas a tagline applies to a company name only. Both nevertheless should inspire, yet a slogan aims to inspire action whereas a tagline will more likely inspire emotions. Jeffrey R. Immelt, CEO of the American company General Electric inspiringly states that “for GE, ‘imagination at work is more than a slogan or a tagline. It is a reason for being”.

A cross-section of internationally renowned taglines using different approaches

Imperative: Commands action and usually starts with a verb
*     Nike – Just do it
*     Apple -Think different
*     Toshiba – Don’t copy. Lead.

Descriptive: Describes the service, product, or brand promise
*     Philips – Sense and sensibility
*     Target – Expect more. Pay less.
*     MSNBC – The whole picture

Superlative: Positions the company as best in class
*     BMW – The ultimate driving machine
*     Lufthansa – There’s no better way to fly
*     National Guard – Americans at their best

Provocative: Thought-provoking; frequently a question
*     Microsoft – Where are you going today?
*     Mercedes-Benz – What makes a symbol endure?
*     Dairy Council – Got milk?

Specific: Reveals the business category
*     HSBC – The world’s local bank
*     Volkswagen – Drivers wanted
*     eBay – Happy hunting

8 essential criteria we at Zigma8 advertising agency based in Tehran-IRAN work to when creating a tagline in Farsi or English:
1.     Keep it short
2.     Differentiate it from its competitors
3.     Be sure it’s unique
4.     Capture the brand essence and positioning
5.     Make it easy to say and remember
6.     Avoid negative connotations
7.     Check it can be protected and trademarked
8.     Ensure it evokes an emotional response

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