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Tips to Create Catchy Billboards Advertisement in Iran

Comprehensive Guide to Billboard Advertising in Iran

Wherever you live, you probably see thousands of ads every day, but you can remember only a few. One of these effective approaches toward advertising is billboard advertisements that exist in various shapes and sizes and can be seen on different sides of streets or highways. Billboards are the most excellent advertising method for promoting brands all around the world.

In this article, Zigma8 decided to help you with a comprehensive guide to billboard advertising in Iran. Go on and read it. It is going to shed some light on your next advertising attempt.

What Is a Billboard?

Billboards are big outdoor spaces that catch vehicles’ and pedestrians’ attention. Billboards are designed to be simple, straight, and imaginative and are mostly located near crowded and heavy-traffic areas. Although digital advertising is getting more attention nowadays, billboards are still valuable for any advertising agency or creative agency to create revolutionary work for brands.

Billboard Advertising in Iran

Billboard advertising in Iran means purchasing advertising space in order to promote a company, its services, products, and campaigns. These billboards are placed in high-traffic locations to draw the attention of passersby and cars. They can be seen on highways, subways, railroads, etc. billboards are proven to have 497% ROI (Return of Investment) and are predicted to increase by 10% yearly.

Types of Billboard Advertising in Iran

Billboards in Iran can come in different forms and dimensions. The list below is some of the most effective forms of billboards in Iran.

Digital Billboards

 Digital billboards use computer-based equipment and digital signage software to display pictures and text. They are proven to provide maximum impact and reach new generations.

Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards can be seen on buses, automobiles, and different moving vehicles. These have the benefits of being more likely to be seen by a specific target audience.

Static Billboards

Static billboards are constructed of large printed vinyl that is placed across the front of the billboard. 

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Tips to Create Catchy Billboards Advertisement in Iran

Here are a few effective tips for creating memorable billboards in Iran for your brand:

  1. Short and simple

People have only a few seconds to see and feel your message on the billboards. Choose brief and creative messages that grab people’s attention immediately and are catchy enough to stay with them. Include large and strong font, bright background, and your brand info.

  1. Pictures

Pictures are worth a thousand words when it comes to billboard advertising. Creative illustrations draw the attention of everyone right away and are much easier to concentrate on. A combination of text and engaging graphics can be more effective.

  1. Emotions

Connecting to the audience’s emotions helps a company make a memorable experience impact. It definitely wins if the advertisement makes people laugh and brings back a happy memory or nostalgic emotion.

What Can Affect the Billboard Advertisement Cost in Iran?

Some factors are responsible for determining the cost of billboard advertising in Iran as below:

  • Geographical Location

Location is the most important factor for pricing. The location of the billboards affects the number of people that view the ad. When selecting an advertising location, you better consider the demographics of the target population. A spot that attracts a high-income earner can always be higher.

  • Size

The larger the billboard, the more expensive it will be. Due to production and installation charges, there will be a higher amount for a 96-sheet billboard compared to a 6-sheet one.

  • Display Duration

Costs of billboards in Iran rise in proportion to the amount of time reserved; longer display duration makes it more expensive. However, in some cases, this price can be decreased if a company extends its display duration; for instance, it would pay a lower price for a year.

How to Use Billboard Advertising in Iran Correctly?

It is proven to say that billboards are effective marketing tools if used effectively. The amount of views passing by a billboard is essential to its efficacy. Unlike TV or radio ads, billboards are quite affordable and inescapable. As a result, a company that decides to start billboard advertising in Iran must consider important factors carefully. Billboard advertising in Iran can be an excellent way of promoting a brand if used with accurate marketing insight and care.

Outdoor billboards and other displays in Iran can give you timeless exposure to most of the target population every week. If you are looking to have a billboard over a highway or an eye-catching digital billboard, you can grab the opportunity everywhere now. Stand out from the crowd and make yourself a player in Iran’s market with Zigma’s creatively designed outdoor advertising services. Hit us up for more!

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