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From Creating a Website for an Advertising Agency to Winning the Web Excellence Awards

Zigma8’s Website Wins the Prestigious Web Design Excellence Award

Once again, we are here with another fortunate event for Zigma8’s incredible team. On January 10, 2022, the Web Excellence Awards, a leading international web awards competition, announced the 5th Web Excellence Awards winners, and thankfully, Zigma8 was included. Zigma8, the multi-award-winning advertising, and marketing agency in Iran won the excellence award for the Website Design in Branding, Corporate Communications, and Marketing.

Also, we are honored and truly glad to be a part of great competition among leading companies, including Lancôme, Dubai Expo, European Union Robotics, and MIT AeroAstro; this is not our first time coming up with an international reputation. For that, we decided to share some of the wisdom and experiences we accomplished through the years on how to please our users, customers, and partners online. In this post, Zigma8 elaborates on its website’s user-friendly and ground-breaking structure. If you are looking for in-depth tips and tricks on building a winning brand website, this one is for you.

Creativity; The First Step of a Creative Website Design

Branding is the characteristics that give a company a personality, a voice, special attributes that set it apart from other companies. Reflecting great branding on a website design will effectively master a look, feel, aesthetic, and messaging that tells customers who a brand is and why it deserves to be remembered.

Two of the fundamental elements in building a creative website are clarity and consistency. This way, it is possible to create a website that is respected and referred to.

  • Clarity

Clarity means you need to be clear about what you stand for, who you serve, what you do, why you are a great choice, how you are different, and what benefits and results you get from others’ experiences by interacting with you. This will make marketing and sales effortless, and referrals will increase as your audience understands who you are.

  • Consistency

Consistency is about showing uniformity across every marketing channel in the same way, including colors, typeface, imagery style, and message. Therefore, you build enormous brand equity to increase trust, credibility, and reliability.

Creating a Website for Marketing, Branding, and Advertising

Generally speaking, a website represents a company with the task of informing. But when it comes to a marketing, branding, and advertising website, it needs a broader functionality. Besides informing, it must be inspiring, and the content needs to be compelling and helpful.

For the Zigma8 website, we decided to become an inspiring and informing source for national and international clients and stand out among the competitors by implementing interacting technologies in various forms.

We started by selecting the functionality of our website, meaning it would be a seamless and straightforward marketing, branding, and advertising experience, and it would present content in a clear, appealing way that is shareable.

Then it was time to create a content strategy. This strategy allowed us to position content to communicate our brand and offerings. We used our website’s content to get people acquainted with our brand, emphasizing that we extend our brand beyond expectations. Our branded content showcased what makes Zigma8 unique and positioned it as the best choice for our target audience, which helped us drive customers to the website.

Moreover, we focused on the layout of our website as a key part of our branding. We gathered a thorough understanding of the website’s navigation, a combination of text, image, and video, and its overall structure. We went for an accessible and easy-to-use website with clear buttons and intuitive navigation. Since our market requires visual content, our layout prioritized images. We used a logical order that users could pick up quickly after spending a few seconds on our website.

Then we empowered the structure of Zigma8’s website with practical UX and UI features. Therefore, we created a journey for users that was as smooth as possible, and all the visual touchpoints were in place. We ensured that the combination of colors, images, and typography worked well together. These elements brought us efficiency, ease of use, accessibility, and interaction between the users and Zigma8’s website.

Last but not least, we opt for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to help everyone find us. When an interested person or a potential client is out there online, trying to find a business like us, we need to be there.

As a result of all these efforts, we created a memorable interactive experience for our users, informing and inspiring them. We successfully reached various audiences, and many of our web pages ranked number one in SERPs. Today, the Zigma8 website delivers regular inquiries from potential clients and receives resumés from the best talent available in the market.

From Creating a Website for an Advertising Agency to Winning the Web Excellence Awards

The Web Excellence Awards aims to find and promote creative ideas, business models, and innovative technologies on the web. The winners of this award are selected from six categories, including advertising and marketing, website building, video and podcast, apps and mobiles, social media, and painting. Then each category would be further divided into various ranges such as beauty, health, fitness, fashion, sport, travel, etc.

This year, among millions of inspiring brands, companies, and establishments that are constantly evolving the nature of digital media worldwide, Zigma8 was selected as the winner of the 5th Web Excellence Awards, and this gives us pride. We pride ourselves tirelessly on empowering distinguished artists and flourishing talents through our marketing, branding, and advertising services in Iran. For more information on this competition, check out the Web Excellence Awards.

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