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Brand Localization in Iran for an Energy Drink Company: Initial Step of a Marketing Plan

Energy Drink Rebranding Campaign; A Fresh Marketing Strategy in Iran for an International Brand

The global energy drink market is expanding based on the increasing population and the demand of people towards flavored, energy-boosting drinks. According to the growing popularity among consumers for energy drinks and surging their disposable income, the demands for these products will be elevated, which can cause great market growth in the near future. 

Owing to rising consumer health consciousness, hectic lifestyle, and industry growth, A Dusseldorf company, Trend Food International, decided to join the local Iranian market and seek the tempting opportunity. This German energy drink brand named Ester was about to bring production possibilities to Iran and benefit from the atmosphere of the market and the successful presence of bigger brands. 

Brand Localization in Iran for an Energy Drink Company: Initial Step of a Marketing Plan

Before planning for a marketing campaign in Iran, Trend Food International possessed a defined customer base that was clearly shaped. However, entering the Iranian market required a new type of localization in line with the taste and desire of the local customers. This means a different customer segmentation consumes energy drinks in Iran, which is why the marketing manager of the company contacted us. Zigma8, a 360° creative communication agency in Iran, suggested a unique marketing plan in Iran that is localized and specialized for Iranian taste.

The product’s price point makes it important for Estar to come in due to the purchasing power of the Iranians. Since we know everything about the market, we were able to highlight the differences of the markets and customer segmentations to the company, therefore becoming committed to helping the brand launch a new identity that fits the local market of Iran.

As it happens, we started rebranding in Iran for Estar products. Based on our rebranding reason which is becoming compelling to the local taste, we researched the company and the target clients. The goal was to understand the current brand perception and competence objectively. Consequently, we could detect the blind spots and distortions. We found that energy drinks are considered a luxury in the soft drinks category, and the prices are almost twice the category average. Now we had the customer segmentation with higher purchasing ability, so we figured out that the international branding of Ester can be effective if only to be more premium to reflect and connect the Iranian audiences.

Brand Positioning in Iran for Energy Drink Products; As a Part of the Marketing Plan

Our marketing solution in Zigma8 was to perform a brand positioning in Iran for Estar as premium luxury. By uncovering the essence of our branding strategy, we created a market positioning that contained a brief description of where to fit into the market space and how to price the products. Our thorough and balanced positioning plan helped us drive other subsequent decisions. Zigma8 planned a messaging architecture for Estar that articulates the uniqueness of the products to each target audience. These messages were consistent with the overall brand communications and supportable by all marketing terms.

Go-to-market Strategy for Iran; a Kick-start of Marketing Activity

Now that we had the skeleton upon which the marketing copy was going to be built, we decided to find the best way to impress the market. First, we decided to develop a go-to-market strategy that caters to local needs by offering a fresh logo redesign in Iran. Our designers at Zigma8 created a highly vibrant look on contrasting artwork which was two times better than the current logo. We followed the same approach for designing all the brand’s visual identities for the Iran market. The new changes were applied to all the Estar products by a bit of difference only to complement various flavors. It is necessary to note that we wanted the customers to find the similarities and connect with the international brand as well, so we keep the essential brand element intact.

In addition to redesigning the logo, we refreshed all the products’ packaging and created our own strategy to fit the brand in Iran’s market and local customers. If the products are going to be premium luxury item, therefore we need a premium luxurious style and appearance to be appealing to the eyes of the target audiences.

Advertising Video Production in Iran; Introducing New Energy Drinks to the Market

In Iran, like any place in the world, people are shifting toward more playful, interactive, and pleasing content; therefore, a corporate promotional video is a very powerful and essential tool to give a real dynamic to the professional communications of a brand. To fully commit to our marketing plan in Iran, we introduced the newly designed Estar products to the audiences with a series of high-energy videos to be distributed online in different channels. We tried to portray the premium luxury feeling we aimed for through these promotional videos to create foreign preferences for the local customers.

Unfortunately, Estar has yet to implement the brand launch in Iran due to the struggling situation of sanctions on imported goods. Still, we are proud to announce that Estar has benefited from our alternative view of the products and employed Zigma8’s rebranding solution for their international approaches. In the Estar project, we strategically approached a rebranding process, which enabled the brand to create a roadmap to stimulate new growth to evolve it.

Does your brand need to rebrand? Zigma8 will help you know the purpose and main goal of the rebranding campaign, so you will have a clear picture of how to create the company’s most effective advertising and marketing strategy. Our rebranding strategy will help you efficiently reposition your company and reintroduce your brand. Check out the advertising strategies behind some of our biggest rebranding Works to decide wisely. Whether you end up going with logo redesign, a website design and development, or a complete brand redesign, our Services can help you consider the best advertising and marketing strategy for building your brand that fits your goals.

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